AM I DREAMING? Look Who’s A Real Housewife Of Dallas #RHOD


How many times have you heard me say, “there are no expiration dates on our dreams”? Well, I believe it more than ever today! Can you believe this news? I am a real housewife in the latest addition to the Bravo franchise! Ahhhh– it still feels so surreal. I’m pinching myself and so grateful for this dream come true. I’ve been pouring myself into new endeavors and SOS, but I have never let go of my dream of working in TV again. I’ve just been focused on God’s will, purpose and plan for my life. I would say He hooked it up big time!! I want to make Him proud.

About 7 months after we moved to Dallas, I was presented with an audition opportunity for a reality show that sounded too fun to pass up. I knew we would be putting ourselves out there in an even bigger way than I do here on SOS and YouTube, but after much prayer- Aaron and I knew this was an opportunity of a lifetime. We also knew we would have to grow thicker skin than we already had because allowing cameras to follow the good, the bad and ugly of your life is not for the faint hearted. Another reason this felt right was because my BFF of over 25 years, LeeAnne Locken, also wanted to jump at this opportunity and go on this journey together. We actually may have the longest “real” friendship of all the housewives. (Need to dig a little and find out for sure!)



The official cast is women from different walks of life. L to R: Cary Deuber, an RN and mother who’s married to a plastic surgeon. Brandi Redmond, a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and mom to 2 girls. Stephanie Hollman, Brandi’s best friend and mother of 2 boys. LeeAnne and me.

As with any group of women navigating life, family, new and old friendships, marriage, career and the social scene- there’s A LOT of excitement! Check out the trailer here! Our first exclusive interview was with E! (sqweeeeel again.. this is vision board stuff coming to fruition)  behind the scenes of our promo shoot. Check out that interview here!

throwing hat

Hold on to your hats, sistas! RHOD premiers on April 11th at 9pm CST. Are you a Real Housewives addict? You’re going to love our show. I promise. Texas women are spitfires so it’s going to be very entertaining.  Make sure to tell all your friends who are fellow housewife viewers!

When I kept saying I was “super busy” with cool projects and not much time for videos- this is why! Thanks for the continued support. Don’t worry, I am planning to continue the SOS videos!

Make sure to follow me on Twitter @TiffanyHendra because we’re already tweeting lots with the fans. It’s so fun!


Love, Tiff




9 thoughts on “AM I DREAMING? Look Who’s A Real Housewife Of Dallas #RHOD

  1. OMG this is so awesome!! Congratulations!!!! I’m so proud of you. I can’t believe I’ll be watching you on TV. Can’t wait to tell my friends you were the one who helped me during some tough times in my life! So EXCITING!! Best Wishes to you always!! Love & Miss you Xoxo

  2. OMG!!! How Exciting and Awesome News!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Wow I am over the moon. I’ll actually know someone who’s a celebrity! I can’t wait to tell my friends when they see the show that you were one of my biggest helps through a rough time in my life!! SO PROUD OF YOU LADY. YOU DESERVE IT!!! BEST WISHES TO YOU ALWAYS. Miss & Love you. XOXO

    Can’t wait to watch!!! 🙂

  3. As both a San Antonio native and a huge fan of Bravo, I’m especially excited by the big news of the Real Housewives franchise coming to Texas. I look forward to getting to know you and the rest of the ladies, but I do have one small request… could you leave the god talk out of it? it’s very off-putting to hear you say that “He” made this happen for you when others around the world suffer so. I prefer to think that this opportunity has come to you because YOU made it happen.

    • THanks for the comment and good to hear that you’re excited about the show! It’s going to be fun. I would be dead in the gutter or OD on drugs if it weren’t for God so I would not be living my truth if I neglected to give Him the glory. That’s the beauty of having your own blog. The freedom to share you life with others and keep it real.

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