Hey Sistas!

As you know- because I’ve mentioned it a million times- I’m a diehard coffee connoisseur. So is my hubby!  We love just about every which way you can make coffee from iced lattes to espresso shots to flavored lattes. We were thrilled when we got the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genio which makes all of those and much more. Often, we need to make just a single cup rather than brew a pot of coffee that goes to waste.  The Genio has transformed our morning routine and Aaron, being an Aussie (much like Europeans)  loves his afternoon coffee.  He loves being able to make a coffee shop quality latte without actually having to drive there.

Did I mention how cost effective it is as well? A typical coffee shop latte runs around $4-$5 these days. You could make 3-4 at home at that cost with the Genio. You know I am all about getting a bang for your buck. Plus, it’s compact and fits easily in even the smallest kitchens unlike so many coffee machines.


Check out this fun video for more details on the Dolce Gusto Genio! 

If your mom is a coffee lover, this is a great Mother’s Day gift idea. Remember, it’s around the corner on May 8th.

(1) Bed Bath & Beyond has an online promo for 20% off machines now through 5/8
(2) Amazon will have a 20% off promotion on machines 4/22 – 5/5


Love & Lattes,






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