I TOOK THE RISK: My Final Thoughts On This Wild #RHOD Journey 

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I took the risk to possibly fall flat on my face. 

I took the risk of showing the world that I’m not perfect. (heaven forbid)

I took the risk of being judged harshly.

I took the risk of my skeletons coming out. 

BUT…I also…

Took the risk of stepping out of my comfort zone.

Took the risk of sharing God’s love.

Took the risk of inspiring those who hope for a healthy marriage.

Took the risk of standing up for the truth.


I admit, this was a harder, wilder ride than I ever expected! The running question now is “would you do season 2 after all the harsh criticism”? Yes, I would. Why? Because I have grown and learned more about myself in the past year than I have in 5 years. We do not grow by sitting quietly in our comfy safe zone. You all know I am about stretching and doing what it takes to overcome blocks holding us back. I ask God for a lot and it takes bold risks to become the person He destines us to be.

Watching the show, I was disappointed at moments especially my potty mouth when I get angry. GOOD GRIEF! I take pride in being a Godly woman, but my mouth obviously hasn’t caught up yet. Anyone relate? It’s also disheartening that we do not have any control over the editing. Lots of lessons learned. Because my main storyline became supporting my friend throughout the whole season, viewers didn’t get to really know me as an individual like you SOS sistas have on my webisodes. That’s unfortunate, but overall this opportunity was a blessing and I’m truly grateful for it.

Now that it’s all over, I plan to take some time to cocoon, reflect and clear the spiritual clutter. I have read too much hate on social media and it’s been like a spiritual assault. I got sucked in to it and allowed the harsh name calling by my cast members to get to me. A few times I have lowered myself to it and let my emotions take over. I AM HUMAN. It’s time to forgive myself for it, dust myself off and MOVE ON! But, I don’t think I’ve ever dealt with such lying and betrayal ever. It’s saddens me and also empowers me to continue rising above and living MY TRUTH more than ever. This experience changes a lot of people for the worse! Look at all the divorces that happen from reality shows. For me, I choose to see the positives of this experience. I will keep believing in the beauty of the human spirit despite all the hatred and negativity I’ve seen. It’s not the circumstance we’re in, but how we react to it, right? My husband has been my rock through this experience and it has been an amazing vehicle for his music. We’ve both learned so much about ourselves from this. Again, the many blessings outweigh the burdens.

I double dog dare any of you to allow cameras to follow you through your best, worst, bloated, bad hair days, PMS, tipsy & sad moments!! Never ever did a producer coach me or feed me lines on this show. I was 100 % authentic and regardless of what is said on social media- God knows my heart.

My wonderful and wise spiritual mentor, Dr. Melanie Mills shared this devotional with me today:

Hide yourself in Me, says the Lord, when it seems as though you have no control over your circumstances.  Refuse to allow your emotions to take you off course. Set yourself in a position of faith that I will give you the necessary wisdom to get you through this difficult time. I will help you, but you must quiet your soul so that you can receive spiritual direction. 

Whatever YOU are going through today- hold on to this message! I love the concept of a “position of faith”.

Love & Ladyballs,






Someone pinch me, please! After all the years of watching the Housewives Reunions, here we are at ours. This is truly a surreal moment to say the least! There were so many emotions going into it including ummmm, sitting on set with the one and only Mr. Andy Cohen! Can I just say what a cool cat he is?!?  He’s a kind soul (and pretty sexy) and you can sense that he truly cares about his Housewives. Love that! Ok, I’m dancing around the task at hand. Let’s jump into the nitty gritty…

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6 thoughts on “I TOOK THE RISK: My Final Thoughts On This Wild #RHOD Journey 

  1. Thank you for sharing your life with us, it’s been an exceptional first season and I can hardly wait for season 2. My only complaint is in regards to your “god talk”. I respect your right to believe what you choose, but there are more of us moving away from religion every day, even here in Texas. It is not only off-putting, but you are missing an opportunity to own your accomplishments. It isn’t god that got you where you are today, it is you and your hard work and dedication. I wish only the best for you and Aaron, and look forward to season 2!

    • With love and respect, I appreciate you taking the time to watch the show and to comment. I would NOT be living my truth is I did not give God the glory for my life, healing, marriage, calling and accomplishments. I would be dead if God had not rescued me! That’s the beauty of a blog.. it’s my experiences, wisdom and heart. If it’s off putting to people then this blog isn’t for you. We should all respect one another for their beliefs. that’s what SOS is about!

  2. Thank you for taking the risk. Thank you for showing Christians are just people- some days we sre awesome – some days we’re just glad we get to try again tomorrow. – and you looked fabulous!

  3. Moving away from man made religion is always a good thing. It’s moving away from God and His salvation and love that you have to be aware of.

    I only saw the first episode as you know and while I’m not a fan of these type of shows,I will say that I do believe it helped Aaron and you out greatly. A lot of folks know who you are and that you are a kind and sensitive woman. We have talked on here for years now and my support for you has only increased. You really do want to help women and that is a mission worth doing! So enjoy your down time and while you’re waiting for NBC/Comcast to renew the show….start putting up new SoS webisodes!!!

    the SoS brother,

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