MY BIRTHDAY WEEK: Heroes Beauty Giveaway



Yes, I’m making a big deal about my birthday this year because it’s a BIG one… I’m turning 45 and feel like celebrating! If you would have told me when I was 25, that I would love turning 45 I would have thought you were nuts. Back then, 45 seemed so old! I feel like I’m just getting started and truly believe women become more comfortable in their own skin and stop trying to be something they’re not — in their 40’s. That alone is a HUGE reason to celebrate! As I’ve mentioned here on SOS, I feel like a late bloomer because of all the years I lived an inauthentic, fear-based life. But, it’s not about when you bloom or if you bloom a bit late, it’s that you just allow yourself to bloom, period. Everyone’s growth journey is different and I’ve got to tell you I am loving my 40’s.

In the spirit of celebration, I wanted to give ‘thank you’ gifts for being on this journey with me. Our SOS sista’hood really is my ministry (but not in the typical religious way) and I’m so grateful for you all. This week, I have partnered with a fellow mission-driven entrepreneur, Stephani Faurot-Reuter creator of HEROES BEAUTY, which gives a percentage of every sale back to their “Heroes.”   They support both national and local charities who help or inspire others. Whether it is our homeless female veterans, abused women, or foster teens, they are on a mission to help others one product at a time!


We’re giving you my faves from their line!  $120. Value

Bombshell Lux Lipgloss (I wear it every single day!!)


Rosy Glow Highlighter Blush


HD Flawless Foundation


Skin Perfecting HD Primer


Sunglo Face & Body Bronzer



  1. Share this blog post on your Social Media account (Twitter or Facebook)
  2. “LIKE” the HEROES Facebook Page
  3. Post a comment on their FB page saying, “I am a hero & deserve to feel confident” 

GIVEAWAY RUNS Aug 15th – 21st, 2016

WINNER ANNOUNCED Sunday 21st (my actual birthday)

Thanks for participating in my birthday giveaways! Make sure to share this with your friends who deserve to feel beautiful & confident too.

Love & Ladyballs,




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