AMP UP YOUR A.M. — Add Apple Cider Vinegar



Hey Sistas!

Can you believe the summer is just about over? I hope you all had a fab one and made lots of magical memories. If you follow me on social media, you know I have been celebrating my birthday the whole month of August. I felt like turning 45 was a bigger deal than turning 40 because it’s halfway to 50!!! Needless to say, I’ve overindulged and my friends have spoiled me rotten. This is the perfect time for us all to do a detox! If you’ve been neglecting workouts and overindulging on your vacations, then join me in getting your body balanced and rejuvenated.

As you know, I’m religious about my morning lemon water! Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning (yes, before that 1st cup of Joe) acts as a cleansing agent in your body and there’s a plethora of benefits. It revs up your metabolism, adds electrolytes, better liver function, revitalizes your skin, aids digestion and MORE!  So, go get a bunch of lemons today and start incorporating this into your morning routine. If you don’t do a dang thing I share here on SOS…………………please do this one!
A few months ago, I remembered that I used to take a shot of apple cider vinegar everyday. Somewhere along the way, I forgot about this. Again, this is why I write things down and hang them on the fridge until it becomes a habit. Now, I’m adding a shot of ACV to my morning lemon water. WHOA!! I love it and could immediately feel the benefits.

What is Apple Cider Vinegar?

Organic apple cider vinegar is unpasteurized and contains what is known as the “mother of vinegar,” which makes the vinegar appear somewhat cloudy. To make apple cider vinegar, apples are crushed, and the juice is squeezed out. Bacteria and yeast added to the juice create a fermented product.

ACV also has a plethora of benefits to the body like reversing the effects of aging, reducing acne, relieving allergies, reducing heartburn and easing digestion. It also helps with blood pressure, stopping the growth of cancerous cells, diabetes, and weight loss.  ACV gives you a feeling of being full so you don’t overeat so take a shot of it before dinner, too!



Sharing whatever I can to help YOU look and feel your most fabulous!

I want to know if you try this. Watcha think?




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