12 Dont’s For Mental Strength + More Confidence


Happy Humpday Hotties!

A twitter friend sent me this today and I just had to share. It’s perfect timing as we are shifting gears from summertime fun to fall and holiday responsibilities. I urge you to read each of these and give them some real thought.

Which apply the most to your life right now?

There are about 12 weeks until the beginning of Dec. Let’s focus on each one for a week and apply it to our life. For example, many women felt panic when the kids went back to school because the house would be empty and quiet again. Instead of the fear of being alone, shift it into time to focus on you, your health, your fitness, your hobbies, your dreams.

Turn that fear into power and ultimately,  you will feel more confident. You know that’s what SOS is about! Whether it’s spirit, beauty, style or health related — my mission is that you kick fear to the curb and live the life of your dreams. It takes confidence to do that!

Pass the confidence along and share this message with all your sisters!

Love & Ladyballs,



ESTEEM models28-1024x678.png

Hey DFW Girlfriends,

I am so honored and excited to walk in ESTEEM: A Fashion Show on Sept 17th at Tootsie’s for the 3rd year in a row. My dear friend Melissa Rountree (Level 3 Active) and her daughter are this years co-chairs. This special event benefits The Elisa Project :

Now in its’ 7th year – ESTEEM is a celebration of positive body image and self-esteem. Local celebrities will join girls women, and men of all ages and sizes, to embrace healthy, balanced lifestyles and self-acceptance. By helping to increase awareness about eating disorders and the importance of positive body image, ESTEEM encourages people to love themselves while striving to be healthy.

JOIN US!  Tickets are going fast>>> http://theelisaproject.causedrive.com


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