FGI GLAM PREP: My 10 Steps


Do you wonder how the actresses prepare for a big night on the red carpet? It’s all very Cinderella-like. May I remind you, these stunning women prepare for weeks with personal trainers, nutritionists, estheticians, stylists and most of them make a trip to the medspa for botox, skin tightening and fillers. (Remember, I lived in Hollywood for 15 years! I was privy to the insider tips.) Thousands of dollars are spent for that one night! Once it’s all over, they are just like everyone else back to running around with their kids in jeans and no makeup!

Tonight is one of the biggest nights of the year for fashion in Dallas! The annual Night of Stars Gala is set to return to Dallas again this year, with major announcements, star-studded honors, and of course jaw-dropping fashion. Organized by the Dallas division of Fashion Group International(“FGI”), the annual gala honors influential figures within the industry who have not only stamped their mark in fashion, but in their communities as well. [via http://dallas.fgi.org] I’m so excited and honored to be wearing a gorgeous frock by local designer, Nour Diab. It will truly be a Cinderella moment for me. Check out the different dresses I’m choosing from here.

You may not be heading down a red carpet, but perhaps you have a big event coming up like your wedding day or a high school reunion. For a fraction of the cost that the celebrities spend, you can achieve that red carpet look in no time.

Here are my 10 tips for preparing for a big event. Make sure you have a low stress schedule the day of the event. 




More than likely, you will be on your feet at the event and you’ll want to get a good leg and back stretch, plus a core strengthener to help your posture. It’s a great idea to amp up your workout program about 6 weeks prior to your big event. Not only will you look more svelte, but you will carry yourself with strength and grace.




This is a no brainer, but I must add it to the list. The grooming of a woman’s hands & feet says so much about her! Don’t you notice a woman’s nails as she’s holding that glass of wine at a party? AND there’s nothing worse than dry, scaly, calloused feet in a strappy heel. Big thanks to MINI LUXE for keeping my hands and feet red carpet ready at all times.




It’s important to beautify your inside as well as your outside the day before and the day of an event. I love drinking a few big glasses of a super green juice of kale, celery, spinach, cucumber, cayenne and STRAWBERRIES. They have numerous benefits which include aiding the release of serotonin, which improves mood and gives you a feeling of relaxation (super important before an event that may cause you anxiety!) and is a natural diuretic. Strawberries are high in potassium which helps detoxify the body.




If you’ve been following SOS for a while, you have heard me discuss the awesome benefits of an egg white mask. I always do one before an event or photoshoot! It gives your skin an instant glow, tighter pores and evens out your skintone. Apply in upward strokes for an instant “facelift” effect. Leave on longer than most masks! If I have time, I will work around the house with the mask on for up to 45 minutes. Luckily, I got the GOLD red carpet facial from my girl Holly at Zen Den last week so my skin is so ready for tonight! Remember, through November you can get any of her treatments for 20% OFF plus a free eye treatment. Here’s the deets!



Get your ‘glow on’ by exfoliating your skin from head to toe. You may be wearing a strapless cocktail dress so get your shoulders, arms and legs looking smooth. There are tons of DIY recipes online, but I keep it simple with sea salt and olive oil. This preps for skin for the next step.



Another great way to prep for a big event is a session in the steam sauna and/or dry sauna. There are so many benefits from glowing skin, detoxifying the body, relieving muscle tension and more. Make sure to do this before your spray tan! I’m heading there now as soon as I post this blog.



I am a big believer in a good spray tan. Most of us look healthier with a bit of color! I highly recommend getting a professional airbrush tan, but in a pinch at home- I love the Neutrogena Micro-Mist in Deep. It sprays on evenly with a beautiful tan glow and no funky orange color. It’s best to do a spray tan after a good shower and exfoliation in the evening before bed. I sleep in a long sleeve cotton tee and loose cotton yoga pants to ensure the color stays on. You wake up with a perfect tan!




You want your smile to be photo worthy so it’s important to whiten your choppers before an event. I get the pro teeth whitener with the fitted tray from my amazing dentist at MINT DENTISTRY, but if you don’t have the pro trays– grab Crest White Strips. They work great in a pinch. Whiter teeth give you added sparkle and a more youthful appearance!



Beautiful, shiny hair is a woman’s crowning glory! Hair color can get flat and dull after too many washes so use a glaze or moisturizing mask between colorings and especially before a big event.  John Frieda’s Brilliant Brunette or Sheer Blonde Liquid Shine works great! Grab it at CVS for under $9.




As we age- we lose our lashes. Remember, when you were a little girl and you had those Bambi doe-eyed lashes?  On top of that, I am constantly applying fake eyelashes with glue that pulls out the lashes I do have. Eyelash extensions are especially great if you have a week long event like an out of town wedding or special vacation. You wake up looking glamorous and save the time and frustration of applying falsies! I adore my lash lady and friend, Kathy — co-owner of Bella Lash Boutique in Plano.

A few final tips for looking and feeling your best at your big event- make sure to carry altoids, a powder compact with mirror, a bolder lipgloss (helps you pop more in photos) and a clear band aid in your evening bag in case you get a blister from those new strappy shoes.

Also, never ever ever leave the house without your Spanx! I don’t care if you are a size 2 with no jiggle. Dresses lay better on the body and you just add more class to your look when your junk is loose. Ya hear!

If possible, treat yourself and hire a professional makeup artist to help you look and feel your absolute best. I’m thrilled that the amazing Daniella Bell, owner of The Makeup Zone will be doing my face for tonight. She’s a beautiful woman who loves to beautify and lift up other women. She also did my makeup for my new Meet Tiffany video. Have you seen it yet? CLICK HERE!

Cheers to looking & feeling red carpet ready on your next event!

Do you have a special beauty tip for looking your most glam? Please Share!

Even if you do not have a special event coming up- make sure to take the time to always feel your most FABULOUS!

Love + Lipgloss,



6 thoughts on “FGI GLAM PREP: My 10 Steps

  1. Thanks so much for your tips…..you look stunning with your gown……and you’re just an inspiration for everyone. Missing your videos, can’t wait for a new fashion tips from you….bless you xx

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