LIVE THE GIVE: Tees That Make A Difference


Hey Sisterella!

You know how passionate I am about supporting women and the mission they’re on. Najat Murillo, an elementary teacher, who spearheads Live The Give is one of those women. Her mission is to equip every child around the world with a quality education. Her work as an elementary teacher gave her firsthand understanding of the immense impact that an education can have on the life of a child. Her passion, awakened and informed by her experience in the classroom, is to empower children around the world with the knowledge and skills that will unlock a brighter future for them, their country and the world.

Which clothing items do we all need? Tees, tanks and sweatshirts! Live The GIve is an online store with several cool and comfy styles for women and men. I am going to live in my new gray wide neck sweatshirt all winter. It’s so soft and flattering– not bulky.  $3 of each tee will go toward funding global education initiatives.


“I have always wanted to help children around the world enjoy a better quality of life and a more hopeful future,” says Murillo. “I believe the best way to do that is by giving them the opportunity to be in school and by improving the quality of their education. I am determined to spread awareness of the importance of global education and the impact it has on our society.”

In addition to supporting education around the world, Live the Give also believes in helping our environment.  All Live the Give tees are eco-consciously manufactured and factories are certified safe, lawful, humane, and ethical. Shoppers anywhere in the U.S. enjoy free shipping.

They make great holiday gifts and make sure to grab a sweatshirt for yourself! *wink

WIth Peace + Passion,



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