DO YOUR “THINGS” CONTROL YOU? It’s Time To Clear The Clutter

Hello Gorgeous!

Are you still off work? Want your kids to help you with a fun project (if they’re old enough) while they’re off school? How about everyone in the house taking a day during the holiday  break to clear the clutter!?! Make it fun and create piles to take to their cousins and to a shelter. I love cleaning out closets a few times a year and reorganizing my closet. This is the perfect time of year to tackle this. I started working on this yesterday!

To get you inspired, watch the above video I did in my small LA bungalow on the 3 simple steps to making your closet a place of peace & creativity! An additional tip, please make sure to change out those chunky wooden or plastic hangers for the thin velvet flocked hangers. They not only give you more space on the rack, but they are so much better for preserving the shape of your clothes.


Last week, I watched an interesting documentary that has been resonating with me and I highly recommend it. It’s called Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things which follows 2 young men who have found more happiness with less “things”. Take it with a grain of salt, but they have many nuggets that I have applied to my life at certain stages and have given away most of my wardrobe and moved out of my expensive WeHo apartment and moved in with my BFF. I had all of my favorite items on a rolling rack in her kitchen. We lived like that for about 6 months and I gotta tell ya– I didn’t miss the massive closet and wore (and loved) everything on the rolling rack. BUT, I admit I have also gotten caught up with needing that 10th pair of booties even though I didn’t really need them. They were just so fabulous!! Anyone feel me? Especially since I only wear about 3 pair out of the 10. Since the conception of SOS, I have had the mantra “shop your closet” before hitting the stores and I still stand my that concept.

Does this whole idea make you cringe?

If your closet a place of heaven or hell?

Do your “things” control you? 






2 thoughts on “DO YOUR “THINGS” CONTROL YOU? It’s Time To Clear The Clutter

  1. My closet is about 7′ with a single shelf and rod. It’s in a room that is now my Interior Design home office and it tends to take over by the end of each week. So I know I need to purge and organize. First tip from me – be sure you have good lighting in your closet, if you cant see it, you wont wear it! A string of christmas lights will do the trick, you can hang them around the inside of the door frame using thumbtacks even.

    Also, I recently started using a phone app called stylebook. It takes some time to set up but you load photos of your closet pieces and it is catagorized. You also load the price you paid for each item, and then each day you show it the outfits you wear and it tracks which items you wear, which you don’t, and then gives you a price per wear so you can see what your greatest “value” in use vs. cost is on each piece. I love it. You can also load pics of inspiration outfits to a separate folder, and you can ask it to shuffle your pieces and show you new outfit combinations (although out of 10 I’d say 2 or 3 max – for me – tend to be doable). It also has a folder with style guide articles and a shopping area that guides you in what you need to buy.

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