Left photo: Microbladed brows age 45. 

Right photo: First profesh beauty shot about age 19. 


Happy Friday Fabulous One,

Several people have been asking about my “new look” and if I had plastic surgery. NO! But, I admit I’ve had my face “cut” just a little and had my brows microbladed. I have to say it’s a game changer and saves me so much time at the makeup vanity. I’m a firm believer in “doing” your brows even if you’re wearing minimal makeup because they truly frame the face.

Over the past decade, my brows have been progressively getting thinner and thinner. Not only is this an age thing, but I found out last year my thyroid was out of whack. Hairloss is a key symptom of an out of balance thyroid. (So, if you have a ton of hair in the bottom of your shower after you wash it– go get your thyroid checked asap!!) I tried all the new products on the market for amping up the brows from the mascara type with fibers to the brow gels and shadows. It was so time consuming to get my brows looking decent. I had always had great brows (thanks Mom), but they were losing shape and starting to vanish especially on the ends. I wanted them back!

Hallelujah, microblading came into my life!

What exactly is microblading? Microblading is a type of tattooing hair-like strokes where pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual handheld tool instead of a machine. There is no down time and the pain is minimal. (But, pain is subjective so please note that what I felt was slightly “uncomfortable” but not painful) The technician applies a topical numbing cream and all you feel is a slight light scratch not even as hard as a kitty cat scratch. Aftercare is really crucial though. You can’t get them wet or do any activity that makes your forehead sweat for about a week. A “fill” and second application is usually necessary a few months later to make them perfectly on point.



Big shout out to my brow stylist, Carrie Hunt- owner of The Browtique for giving me back my 19 year old eyebrows. I showed her the above photo as a reference!  She’s a true artist and made me feel so comfortable. She and her team are beautiful (and hysterically funny) souls! (They really need their own reality show)  They are the very best at what they do– so of course, they’re expanding to Fort Worth. Congrats!  

Join us Sat, Jan 21st at 7pm to help her celebrate! 

Address: 1063 Foch ST, Fort Worth TX76107

Phone: 817 – 782 – 9915


The party will benefit Safe Haven plus there will be fun giveaways!





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