LIFESTYLE SERIES WEEK 2: Priming Your Bod With Lemon + ACV



Welcome back to the lifestyle series!

We’re on Week #2 and it’s another super important tip for getting your day started right. When I say lemon water and apple cider vinegar you probably immediately pucker your mouth and think no thank you mam. But, I’ve been enjoying the benefits of this concoction for a while and actually look forward to it every single morning. This is the perfect way to kickstart your day and your organs. If you started the TeaMi 30 Day Detox this is a perfect pairing to get rid of toxins and amp up your metabolism. Once you complete the 30 days please continue the lemon/ ACV water EVERY.. yes, every single day! 





  1. Boosts your immune system
  2. Flushes out toxins
  3. Helps with weight loss
  4. Natural blood purifier
  5. Balances your pH level
  6. Helps with respiratory issues
  7. Helps with acne (I believe this has helped control my hormonal acne!)
  8. Naturally energizes you
  9. Hydrates
  10. Aids digestion




  1. Rich in enzymes and potassium
  2. Also helps clear up acne
  3. Lowers blood pressure & cholesterol
  4. Reduces inflammation/ arthritis
  5. Helps with weight loss by breaking down fat
  6. Balances pH level
  7. Helps with muscle aches from workouts
  8. Helps dissolve kidney stones
  9. Helps prevent sinus infection & allergies
  10. Lowers levels of fatigue & energizes
  11. Aids digestion
  12. Helps prevent candida


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We want EVERYONE to feel good so they look good + get out in the world + they DO GOOD! 




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