The falling down part, the struggle, the strain, the humility, the stretching, the minor disappointment…ugh, your light has been temporarily dimmed. You can feel it. Like one of those dimmer switches, your light is not it’s highest wattage.


But, it’s the refusing to give up…

choosing to rise,

choosing to brush yourself off,

choosing to learn the lesson,

choosing to shine again,

and allowing it to empower you to step forward into your next level of greatness is what true success is all about. Who feels me?


We are the Phoenix:
1. A bird in Egyptian mythology that lived in the desert for 500 years and then consumed itself by fire, laterto rise renewed from its ashes.
2. A person or thing of unsurpassed excellence or beauty.

Life circumstances and horrible choices have nearly killed me, literally.  Back in the day, I have been in such a dark hole and have done random drugs with random people I didn’t know. I should be dead and certainly never thought I would see the light again much less strive to be full of love and light. We can’t have the light without the dark. Warmth without the cold. Highs without the lows.

Embrace those seasons you don’t feel so shiny and sparkly because thats when your are being refined and purified.

The embers are becoming a flame.



2 thoughts on “GO BLAZE, Baby!

  1. I really enjoy your posts and look forward to reading them. I think I’ve watched all of your videos on styles of clothing too. Learned a lot! Thank you for your words of wisdom and sharing your personal stories.

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