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Hello Gorgeous!

Sharing my post from Instagram here on the blog because many of you may need this message and are not on IG. Please comment and share your thoughts: 


I loooove face time (for real, not the iPhone application) and have never been a phone person… my inner tribe knows this. I prefer connecting eye-to-eye and actually experiencing someone’s vibe. It may sound old school because we live in a phone, Skype and texting society. So, call me old school.

Back in the day, I felt bad about it, beat myself up for it and tried to conform. See, I have ADD. I know everyone flings that term around today, but I was finally diagnosed at the age of 37 after years of not understanding how to manage it, self-medicating, battling depression and perfection paralysis due to it. If this is you, read on:

*I’m an artistic, creative type.

*Can’t talk in the car because I would always get lost and miss my exit.

*I prefer 1×1 interaction with deep conversation rather than in groups with lots of small talk.

*My phone stays on silent most of the day when I’m working with clients, filming/writing SOS because one text can distract me and send me down the rabbit hole then I’ve lost an hour of my day I can’t get back.

*Overstimulation and groups can make me shut down or I would find I needed to drink more to cope in social settings.

*I love people and love putting on workshops, but I know I will need a quiet day afterward to recoup.


I could go on and on!

I share this because I’m sure MANY of you are just like me.

Stop the madness!


*I make lots of lists and give myself grace if I don’t mark everything off.

*Keep margin on your plate instead of saying yes to every single opportunity and event.

*The power of a gracious no.

MOST IMPORTANT: Pray for discernment and the leading of the Holy Spirit for the best yes’s. There is a powerful book on the topic by Lisa TerKeurst called The Best Yes.



Saying YES to God’s best means saying no to the things that distract us from what’s best for us. Make sense? People may get upset with you because it may not fit into their agenda, but that’s their prob, not yours.

As always, I’m reminding you to… DO YOU BOO!




  1. Sometimes though don’t have ability for face to face so still like to post just one person at a time to uplift them. Not a group situation. I like personalized moments. But when I am with my Boo or one on one away goes technology n it’s focus time individually. Time for old fashion respect given n received as well. Loved this post.

  2. Oh my this is so wonderfuly said and completely relatable! I am very similar to you in so many ways! Sometimes I want to start writing letters to people and mailing them the old fashion way. I haven’t started yet but I will. “Doing You, On Your Own Terms” is the way to be! Love this & you! Xoxo

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