SOS LIVE VIDEO: Tiff’s Favorite Fall Styles


Happy FriYAY!

You fabulous subbie sistas enjoyed last week’s LIVE YouTube video so I tried it again! This one is on the longer side because I actually try on the clothes. Several ladies commented that they would have loved seeing last week’s tops on the body. I’m a guinea pig and will try anything… well, almost! All that said, plan to watch when you have a moment to sit and grab a glass of wine or cup of tea. Join me in the sanctuary closet for some style inspo and some spirit inspo as I share my heart, as usual. I touch on what an impact StyleCon made on me and will get a post up next week with a recap of the empowering day.




What was your favorite look?
Thumbs up or down on these type of videos?
Next week I’m planning on a Fall accessories LIVE video.
Comment + share if you want me to keep them coming!


7 thoughts on “SOS LIVE VIDEO: Tiff’s Favorite Fall Styles

  1. I liked the red flare pants, and I believe it was a gold leather jacket! I also am a weirdo and loved just the black tank top and black stretchy pants you had on with your hoops! LOL! I know you just had that on to be able to try all the clothes on, but I am a good ball and loved that look with like one of your leather jackets and maybe the new red heels you bought. Of course, I am not a Style tip person so that’s why I obviously love watching a pro like you! Yes , I love the 🔴LIVE videos and love to watch them with a glass of wine. I look forward to it and want more!

    • Thank you soooo much TG!! Glad you enjoyed my attempt at the LIVE again and trying on the clothes. I was so emotional and getting so hot with the window sunlight coming through. But, Gotta keep it real right! Happy October xoxo

      • I know it is cool to find your from Tricia. I subscribed to your channel and have been watching a few of the videos and enjoy looking through your instagram. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the wrap you use as a headband. I have some scarfs and want to try this. My gray always comes out right in the front of my face and looks so bad before I get back to the salon. Great idea for me to try!!!

  2. You look beautiful in everything!!! I found you through Tricia Grace. You are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I wear workout clothes most of the time. I’m a stay at home mom but my kids are all big now 😦 Anyway other than going to the gym, grocery store or church I’m not seen. I do dress up very nice for Church but that’s about it. I buy lots of new things but never wear them. Maybe I should invest in super cute workout clothes, haha. Thanks for the video.

    • Hey Tammy! Yes, I remember Tricia saying hello to you on her videos! So cool we have all connected because of Youtube. Girl- I totally get it about the workout clothes! I am guilty of it myself 🙂 Thanks for watching xoxo

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