STYLECON: The Beauty Of A Successful Event



On September 30th, the Fashion Industry Gallery turned into a vortex of beauty, inspiration, fun, fashion, empowerment, glamour and ladybosses uniting. This is they type of event I have always envisioned SOS being a part of. Women supporting women in every area of life! If you missed this year, don’t worry because it was such a huge success they are coming back next year. What made this even more special was that so many of my nearest + dearest were involved sharing their expertise.


[L to R: Laurie Graham King, Abi Ferrin, Amy Vanderoef, Ken Weber, Melissa Rountree]

[L to R: Whitney Kutch, Sabrina Harrison, Dr. Melanie Ross Mills, Cherie Rickard]


Loved co-hosting with the beautiful YouTube sensation, Jeanine Amapola.

and special thanks to the mastermind behind it all, Irene Martino.


So glad I got to chat with Nancy Coblenz of Rebel Role Model before I ran out of fumes and wrapped up the day:

From the bottom of my heart, I am so grateful to everyone who made this event such a memorable day for everyone who attended.  I’ve been receiving so many beautiful messages from women who were truly impacted.
Hope to see you there next year!




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