DO YOUR “THINGS” CONTROL YOU? It’s Time To Clear The Clutter

Hello Gorgeous!

Are you still off work? Want your kids to help you with a fun project (if they’re old enough) while they’re off school? How about everyone in the house taking a day during the holiday  break to clear the clutter!?! Make it fun and create piles to take to their cousins and to a shelter. I love cleaning out closets a few times a year and reorganizing my closet. This is the perfect time of year to tackle this. I started working on this yesterday!

To get you inspired, watch the above video I did in my small LA bungalow on the 3 simple steps to making your closet a place of peace & creativity! An additional tip, please make sure to change out those chunky wooden or plastic hangers for the thin velvet flocked hangers. They not only give you more space on the rack, but they are so much better for preserving the shape of your clothes.


Last week, I watched an interesting documentary that has been resonating with me and I highly recommend it. It’s called Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things which follows 2 young men who have found more happiness with less “things”. Take it with a grain of salt, but they have many nuggets that I have applied to my life at certain stages and have given away most of my wardrobe and moved out of my expensive WeHo apartment and moved in with my BFF. I had all of my favorite items on a rolling rack in her kitchen. We lived like that for about 6 months and I gotta tell ya– I didn’t miss the massive closet and wore (and loved) everything on the rolling rack. BUT, I admit I have also gotten caught up with needing that 10th pair of booties even though I didn’t really need them. They were just so fabulous!! Anyone feel me? Especially since I only wear about 3 pair out of the 10. Since the conception of SOS, I have had the mantra “shop your closet” before hitting the stores and I still stand my that concept.

Does this whole idea make you cringe?

If your closet a place of heaven or hell?

Do your “things” control you? 








I would like to start off wishing all of you who celebrate it…. A Very Happy & Blessed Easter!  Easter is a miraculous time of renewal and rebirth. I love this time of year for so many reasons, but especially on a spiritual level.  Everywhere you look there are signs of new life from the greener grass to the budding flowers and trees.  The birds are singing and the squirrels are playing.  How amazing is God’s Creation!?  On my power walk last week, I was thrilled to have all my senses heightened by the sights and smells of spring.


Winter is a time when everything appears to die and lies dormant or is intentionally pruned back in order to grow bigger and better come spring.  We can feel like that at times as well.  Have you felt the pain of being pruned back and are now ready to bloom, shine brighter and live life larger?

Back in January, I shared that my life theme for 2015 is to “go bigger” and trust me, I’ve have many seasons of being pruned back. Who’s with me? Part of that pruning back is letting go of the things, behaviors or people who no longer serve our higher self. In order to bloom and become who you are truly meant to be and step into a new life, you have to snip some dead things off.  Grab those spiritual gardening shears and get to work.  Cheers to a fresh start and new beginning!

Since this is my blog & my world which I openly share with all of you, I would not be authentic if I didn’t mention the main reason this weekend is special to me. I’m so grateful for the cross and the resurrection power. I’m grateful for John 3:16 and God’s sacrifice for us, for you, for me. If you’ve watched my vlog’s you know I am transparent in sharing how messed up my life was until I allowed God back in. So, this weekend especially symbolizes the new life and second chance I’ve been given.


This weekend, I encourage you celebrate your life, celebrate your family + friends and celebrate a fresh start + the opportunity to bloom…and grow bigger.

Love, Tiff


Hey DFW Sistas, if you have done some spring cleaning in your closet and have gently used items to donate, please consider dropping them by the clothing drive for The Grace Project National Conference For Women Living With HIV on April 18th at 4054 McKinney Ave, Dallas 75204 in the parking lot. 



photo 2-3


Since recreating my “closet room sanctuary” in Dallas, it has been a challenge to organize all of my accessories after losing a full wall to a massive window. Darn that window! I’ve realized one of the keys to getting dressed quickly and effortlessly is having certain accessories out so I can see them. If they are tucked away in a cupboard or drawer, I forget about them. Out of sight, out of mind! Also, to keep things clutter-free, I prefer to only have the things out that I actually wear or I get rid of them. I have done more closet cleansing and purging than I care to count. Did you catch my closet organization video? Most of my girlfriends are out there rockin’ an item or two from me.

There are many cute organizers out there for scarves, sunglasses, necklaces, etc…but, either they took up too much space or didn’t fit in my new smaller closet room. FINALLY, after the second visit to The Container Store in search of the perfect way to organize my sunglasses & necklaces – I found these great Deko System grids in the kitchen section. They come in a few different sizes in either the industrial silver look (which I preferred) or the white polytherm coated. Create it to fit your needs with various gadgets, hooks and shelves.

photo 4


photo 3-3 

photo 1-3

The perfect spot for it in my closet room is behind the door. I can still see it, but it’s tucked slimly keeping the room looking clean & organized. I love being able to grab my shades and neck candy for the day and I’m out the door! With the grid and a few packages of hooks, I paid a bit over $20. 

What are you up to this weekend? May be a good time for a closet project and do a mid-year closet spruce up to get it ready for those new Fall pieces come Sept. 

Be Fab,

Tiff Xo

40 Easy Ways to Organize Your Closet from Pinterest


Happy Saturday Sistas!

I save Pinterest browsing for Saturday mornings and love all these stylish ideas for organizing your closet. If you saw my video on closet organization, you remember that one of my first tips is to think of your closet as a mini boutique – regardless how small it is!