Along with all you beautiful mother’s, I want to wish ALL of you women who- like me- may not have bore your own children, but you mentor, mold, nurture, build up & care for children who may not have a mom or role model.

Our lives may look different than other women’s, but just know that God’s Plan & Purpose for you is equally important. Never ever feel ‘less than’ for not having your own biological children. If today is a tough day for you because you feel your dream of motherhood wasn’t fulfilled, I encourage you to focus on a new dream and see the calling God has placed on your life complete with the time, attention and opportunity to give your love to youth who need you.

As I approached my mid-30’s, the clock was ticking and felt the panic. I had several friends who were going through the fertility journey and IVF, but did I really want a baby so desperately to go through all that? Throughout my 20’s, I never felt that deep urge to have a baby because I was such a broken girl. I always said, “I’m not going to be a screwed up mom raising screwed up kids”. Then I married an amazing man who would be an amazing daddy. If he really wanted to be a father, I wanted to give him that. For about 6 months, I tried the Chinese herbs, acupuncture and stopped drinking wine. I began visualizing wanting a baby girl and created a vision board all about family. But…

Did we really want this or were we more concerned with what our family and peers thought?

Aaron and I prayed about it long and hard then felt it was not God’s Plan for us to have our own children. Soon after we surrendered and felt at peace with this Plan, the door opened for me to mentor some very deserving and hurting teenage girls. We also started our work in the orphanage in Africa. I love how God works! It’s truly one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done and also the hardest. It gives me even greater respect for mom’s!

Be open.

Share your heart.

Seek out people (it doesn’t just have to be kids) who need what you have to give.

Pray about it.

Let God use you.


Love, Tiff





This is for my fellow Mothers who do not have biological children, but you love + nurture our youth everyday. My favorite Valentine’s gift was getting a call from my spiritual daughter yesterday. She was orphaned 3 years ago and God Divinely crossed our paths shortly after her mom passed. She’s never known her father or any grandparents. I haven’t even met her in person yet because she lives in a different country and social services there prevented me visiting many times. The day we meet will be GLORIOUS! Hearing her express gratitude for not giving up on her and introducing her to God, made my heart soar. #BestGiftEver

There can be a stigma against women who don’t have kids and if you feel ‘less than’ because you weren’t able to have kids… please allow God to use you to help children who desperately need a mama figure! It could be your calling + purpose. As a Southern girl, I figured I would have the statistics of 2 kids, 2 cars and a cute single family home by the time I was 25. Then, further along my journey, I realized that I didn’t have that same longing to have a baby as my friends had. I’ve mentioned all this on the blog before, but today I can declare total freedom from any stigmas, judgement or inner unworthiness. I am doing exactly what God created me to do! I could see my husband and I adopting someday or just continuing our work with orphanages. This message on Christine Caine’s new website solidified my feelings..

“Is motherhood strictly for biological mothers? Christina Middlebrook candidly shares her journey of infertility and how new ways of mothering can fulfill purpose and calling in different ways.”

Watch this:



I would love to hear YOUR thoughts on this topic.

We can all be Mamas!




P.S. I’m happy to say we are gearing up for a few Spring style videos! Thank you for hanging in there with me. I’ve started new side businesses and have a major announcement coming soon!

2015 is a game changing year and you’re going to LOVE IT!