BE FAB FRIDAY: No Smudging, Dainty Things & Dreams Fulfilled

Happy Friday Style Sistas!

What was your MOST FABULOUS moment of the week? 

Are you making the effort to STRUT IT? 

Here were a few things to help you amp up the fabulous as well as my most fab moment this week:




Mary Kay® Makeup Finishing Spray by Skindinävia®

A few weeks ago I used this Mary Kay Finishing Spray for a big outdoor event called the Mad Hatter’s Tea. I was told it would be an all day extravaganza! Wow, I didn’t have to powder my face the entire day. The spray even kept my eyeshadow and liquid eyeliner from smudging. It’s a light spray and dries quickly to set and hold your makeup in place for hours. A big thanks to the lovely Karen Lukin (beauty in polka dots) for inviting me!




Midi- Rings

These dainty little rings that sit between the first & second knuckle, have been on the scene for years, but became really hot last year. Loving my new one (Easter gift from my mom) paired with my radiant orchid nails! Target has some cute ones right now in silver and gold. 







The most fabulous moment of my week was being published for the very first time in a national magazine! Woop!  I am truly honored that Heart & Soul Magazine has made me an official LifeStyle Contributor. This magazine is revered as a leader in providing enriching content for women of all ethnicities. One of the reasons this is so monumental for me is that this is a longtime dream finally realized. In high school, my dream was to move to NYC and work as a graphic artist or editor of a fashion magazine. My bedroom walls were plastered with magazine ads. I won local art competitions for my graphic art pieces and received an art scholarship to college. When I was given the opportunity to travel for modeling work after my 2nd year in school (which I could not pass up), I put my art dreams on the back burner. BUT, those dreams were still in my heart….they were just lying dormant for a while.


Take a baby step… or heck, run boldly toward your dreams today.

Dust them off. Rekindle the flame.

As I always say, there are no expiration dates on our dreams!


Love, Tiff


P.S. If you have the dream of modeling, I highly recommend taking a peek at my girlfriends FREE VIDEO SERIES discussing her informative online modeling course, Click to find out more!



Hello Gorgeous!

The webisode says it all. Let’s get to it, shall we….

black_pencil_skirt1. Pencil Skirt in video: Trouve from Nordstorm

high_waisted_black_slacks2. High Waisted Slacks

black_skinnies3. Skinny Jeans in video: Paige Denim from Nordstrom

Long Cardigan - Black4. Cardigan in video: Ann Taylor

black_leggings5. Leggings

black-blazers_16. Blazer in video: Banana Republic 


7. LBD



I am excited to announce my gorgeous & inspiring girlfriend- Kirin Christianson, is offering an extensive and informative online modeling course called the BOMBSHELL BOOTCAMP! If you or someone you know is interested in a fascinating career in the modeling industryCLICK HERE TO VIEW HER FREE VIDEOS to get a glimpse of the vast knowledge you will receive. I confidently recommend this course and put my name behind it! 

Kirin Christianson, founder of Red Haute Mama, is a FORD/RBA Model, Mrs AZ America 2012, Philanthropist. Beauty and fashion blogger who shares her beauty secrets, love of BEAUTY food, and sparkly shoes.



As we approach one of the most important holiday weekends, I pray you & your family are richly blessed.  I am not ashamed to say I need Jesus. What He did for all of us is the reason I’m able to be here doing what I do. 


Love, Tiff



Winter is Coming — Grab Your Coats

Hey Style Sistas,

As fall starts coming to a close, it’s time to go out and find the perfect winter coat. This winter, it’s important to stay stylish as you bundle up for the cold season. If Pinterest is any indication, layering is all the rage today, and this season’s trends seem to be playing right into this. The easiest way to come up with a sophisticated, layered outfit is to rock the perfect coat, and as Vogue says, this season’s cover-ups come in a BIG variety of styles. 

According to the Irish Times, high street has come up with a designer-inspired coat for every taste and budget, so this season seems like the perfect time to invest in a coat to last you through the winter months. The trends we’re seeing this season are colorful fabrics, oversized borrowed-from-the-boyfriend coats, and—surprise—SLEEVELESS PIECES! 

sleeveless_coatCredit: GoRunway

A sleeveless coat may not seem like the most practical choice, but its elegance sure makes up for this. It’s also the perfect piece for layering, as it gives you the option to show off those sleeves, and maybe arm warmers. 

dusty_pink_coatCredit: Marks and Spencer

Bold colors are also seen in many of the coats released this season. If you find yourself doubting the popularity of blocky colors, The Daily Mail recently reported that an M&S Women light pink coat garnered a waiting list of over 100 people after the coat was announced. Many fashion designers such as Paul Smith, Peter Pilotto, and Rag & Bone have also released winter coats in bright colors. 

red_coatCredit: GoRunway

Whatever coat you decide to buy, just make sure that you get one that’s right for YOU. If you have a tall frame, then by all means, get an oversized coat. But if you’re on the shorter side, then avoid coats that may make you look as though you’ve been shrunken down!

REMEMBER: Stay away from that humdrum boring black coat this season!

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Love, Tiff

Modernize Your Business Attire: Top (3) Tips to Close More Deals! By Personal Stylist, Style Expert & TV Host Laurie Graham

Hi Fashionable Friends, 

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you know SOS is all about giving you the tools to walk tall with confidence and shine your brightest.  I consistently strive to bring the latest + greatest tips, words of wisdom and inspiration to this community so I’m thrilled to introduce you to my dear friend and fellow fashion maven, LAURIE GRAHAM.  One of the many things that set Laurie apart in her field is her insight to identifying each client’s personality. She styles each individual by incorporating trends into their wardrobe, rather than trying to make their whole look too trendy.  Laurie is a true confidence-builder and her contagious, positive energy instantly makes you feel better when you are in her presence. She’s smart, sassy, stunning, super funny and an inspiration to all women– well of course, she’s a Texas girl!  

Meet the Fab LG….

Laurie Graham 053T

It’s Monday morning & you find yourself staring blankly into your closet trying to decide what to wear to work … (in 5 minutes or less!)  Your closet is shoved full of clothes, yet you still suffer from the “I have nothing to wear” syndrome.  Since you have an important meeting today, you decide on something all black.  It’s classic & that’s what your first boss told you to wear to look “professional” in front of clients, right?  WRONG! 

I’ve been feverishly updating the images of hard working business professional clients for the past 8 years.  I’ve styled hundreds of private clients ranging from school teachers to real estate agents to the CEO’s of major corporations.  Consistently, the biggest mistake that I see women make in their professional attire is playing it too safe in an effort to be taken seriously in the work place.  Even in the most conservative of jobs, there is no reason to dress like an androgynous man just to feel like you fit in with the boy’s club.   Thankfully, having great style and dressing business appropriately are no longer mutually exclusive. 

Your image is a big part of your brand.  It’s the first impression you make in front of a potential employer or a prospective client.  Stand in your power as a woman & make it as easy as possible for someone to tell you “YES!”  Remember the saying, “dress, act & talk like the person you want to become?”  Rather than wearing something boring & forgettable, start making purchases that attract positive attention.  People want to associate themselves with someone who shines their light brightly and can own a room.  A pop of color, some modern style and impeccable fit are your secret weapons to standing out from your competition. If you aren’t getting at least 10 compliments on your wardrobe every single day, you aren’t maximizing your strongest calling card … YOU!  No matter what dress size, age group or income level you are, there are affordable and stylish outfit options to flatter your figure and respect your wallet.  And for the record, the best way to fit in the boy’s club is by being the most confident and powerful WOMAN in the office!

Here are my Top (3) Wardrobe Tips to Close More Deals:

1.)Embrace Your Femininity

Want to make a lasting first impression?  Wear a dress.  Period.  Take our First Lady’s Hilary Clinton & Michelle Obama as examples … Yes, Hilary Clinton is a smart, career driven woman working in a male dominated industry.  But, her affinity for wearing box cut pant suits is utterly forgettable. And her lack of updated, feminine attire has opened her up for much criticism.  Look at the difference we saw when Michelle Obama came on the scene … because she embraced dresses and cheerful colors, suddenly Vogue magazine labeled her “The First Lady of Style!” Do you see the difference of immediately capturing positive attention? Decades later we are still talking about the impeccable images of Jacqueline Kennedy & Nancy Reagan who always rocked the color red.  All smart, motivated women but those ladies are revered as a triple threat of beauty, brains & heart.  Shine your feminine light & never apologize for being beautiful!



2.)Choose Soft, Flowy Fabrics

The first thing to replace in your closet are every pair of stiff & structured pants, blazers and man-ish dress shirts. Inject a shot of modern style by choosing pants with a soft fabric that drape down your leg and blouses that are flowy like silk or sheer chiffon worn with a cami.  Structured pants (like Chino style khaki’s) flatten your buns & cup your thighs, whereas a silk blend pant will slide right off your keister giving you the buns of a 12-year old gymnast! And, by all means your blouses should embody a soft, flowy style with tapering and feminine detail.  Check out this example of a fierce, feminine pants look! 



3.)Focus on Fit

There is a big difference between wearing clothes that are too tight or too boxy versus wearing clothes that just graze your body and flatter your shape! The fit of your clothing is the #1 most important aspect to pulling off a sophisticated & modern image.  Through fashion, we have the ability to choose the proper clothing that gives the ILLUSION of having a smaller waist, longer legs and flatter tummy. Embrace alterations when necessary and get familiar with your proportions so that you know what cuts and hemlines best flatter your specific body type. 



There is no better feeling than walking into a board room, packed stage or networking event looking & feeling your best!  Grab the attention of your colleagues, clients & superiors by taking pride in your appearance.  Once you know all eyes are on you, then you can easily seal the deal with your experience, articulate knowledge and follow through skills.  As Nancy Reagan says, “I think a woman gets more if she acts feminine.” Go claim “more” from your life!  You deserve it and you’re worth it.


Laurie Graham is a Personal Stylist, Style Expert & TV Host based in Los Angeles, CA.  

For more on Laurie, visit her website

Follow her on Facebook &  Twitter for style tips, inspiration & updates on her TV appearances. 




Hey Style Sistas!

WOOHOO!  It’s officially Summer and as the temps continue to heat up, here’s a few tips for staying cool and looking fabulous, plus some inspiration for the week ahead:



Regardless of your hair length, it can get so sticky and uncomfortable, plus the humidity can have you looking like a wet mop during summer.  There are so many ways to keep it off your neck without reverting to the boring old ponytail.  This summer, the Retro 50’s look is everywhere from swimsuits, rolled up jeans, cat eye shades and headscarfs–which you all know is MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!   Channel your inner Old Hollywood actress like Sophia Loren or Audrey Hepburn and play around with scarves.  Check out my Pinterest Board on headscarves for more ideas and inspiration.



Keep a bottle of aromatherapy hydrating spray nearby at all times during the hot months.  I even keep a small travel size bottle in my purse!  When you’re skin is feeling parched, spritz it on your face, neck, decolletage and down your arms.  My favorite is the Rose Water by Heritage Products.  There are also easy DIY recipes by adding your favorite essential oils, pure aloe vera juice, cucumber or lemon to distilled water. 





Whew, the month of May whizzed by!  Did you set any specific intentions for the month?  If so, please share any magical moments! 

Let us be grateful for the good times May brought, any special memories made with new or old friends, exciting experiences and opportunities then begin to set your intentions for June.

Walk Tall +  Strut Yo’ Stuff Sista!

Love, Tiff


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SHOES! SHOES! SHOES! {New Webisode for Fashion Friday}

TYIff_kissing shoe

Hello Fellow Shoe Lover!

When did your love affair begin?  Mine began at age 3 with a pair of white patent leather go-go boots.  I wonder where in the world my Mom found go-go boots to fit a toddler?  It’s been a long, beautiful relationship with shoes and I do not foresee a breakup anytime soon.  I believe shoes can tell so much about a person and they can definitely make or break an outfit.  In the latest webisode, I give you a rundown of styles I think every stylish woman needs in her closet.  Of course– flip flops, cute slippers and workout tennis shoes are a given so I didn’t waste your time discussing them in the video.



A few fun styles for 2013 are fringe booties and studded embellished ANYTHING– I shopped my closet for the ones shown below.  The style I just had to add to my wardrobe this year was the LACE UP heel.  They are sexy and give the you the feel of a bootie, but with more skin exposed for summer.   These styles are not necessarily must haves…. but they’re definitely must needs or wants so I had to mention them!





Please share this post + webisode with your fellow shoe  fanatic friends.

Wishing you a very blessed Memorial Day weekend ahead!

Be safe as we REMEMBER those brave men and women who lost their lives fighting for our country. 

Love, Tiff


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6 Accessories That Are Always In Style (Part 1)

Hey Fashionistas! 

This will be the first of a few posts like this because there was no way I could narrow down this topic to just 6 items.  Recently, I was digging through my drawers and closets trying to “clear the clutter” like I discussed in my Closet Organization webisode.  I stumbled upon several things that I had to take a good hard look at…things I’ve had for yeeeeeears!  I do this every Spring and Fall.  It’s almost like a game I play with myself.  Should I chunk it?  Keep it?  Give to my sis or a close friend so it stays in the family? (my besties and I do that with items we really love) Donate it?  Sell it on Ebay?   Those items we have purchased wisely, which never go out of style, absolutely should keep their cherished spot in our wardrobe.  Especially after selling so many of my beautiful designer things after I got married and finances were tight!  There are some things I’m so happy I kept! 

Here’s 6 timeless accessories I love:


1.Red Peep-Toe Slingbacks

These were the very first expensive pair of shoes I bought myself after I booked my  first TV show here in LA. They are by Casadei and I always felt like a million bucks when I wore them. A great red pump with a timeless heel should be a staple in every fashionistas closet!  So Old Hollywood!


2. Gold Bangle Bracelet

A classic gold bangle is the perfect add-on to any outfit…casual or dressy.  A single bangle or a few stacked always adds that bit of  “wow factor” without being over-the-top. I’ve been obsessed with arm candy since I was little.  I rarely leave the house without throwing on a bracelet… or two!


3. Low-Slung Brown Leather Belt

This is probably one of the most talked about items in my webisodes. It is so versatile and can instantly hide the muffin top!  Add it to a tunic, jeans or sundress to create the illusion of a longer waist and smaller hips. If you do not own one, I suggest running out and getting one ASAP!


4. Rhinestone Evening Earrings

Can you believe these were the earrings I wore to prom?  I remember it like it was yesterday.. finding them at this chic boutique in Houston on Westheimer Rd.  Back then, this was like shopping on Rodeo Drive for me!  I don’t wear rhinestones much these days, but a girl never knows when she may need to pull them out!


5. Quilted Chain Bag

I just realized this is one of those items I mentioned that is from one of my besties, LeeAnne (make sure to check out her blog, LeeAnne Locken Loves>>> link on the right side of this blog) gave this to me at least 15 years ago.  Chanel made the quilted chain handbag famous. There have been several knock offs and variations, but the authentic handbag was presented to the public in 1955 and will NEVER go out of style!  


6. Statement Necklace

Whether it’s long and sleek or short and embellished, a fabulous statement necklace is always in.  I think this one is technically vintage by the brand Trifari from the 70’s.   Like the gold bangle, this is a piece you can throw on with just about any kind of top or dress for a bit of oomph.


What is one of your most coveted items that you hope to keep and maybe pass down to a daughter, niece or granddaughter?

So it’s the middle of May.. how amazing is your month going so far?

Please share and A-ha’s, breakthroughs or beautiful moments!


Love, Tiff 


This post was brought to you by Indo Salon.  Indo specializes in Cuts, Styles, Haircolor, Highlights, Great Length Extensions, Hair Lingerie, Japanese Thermal Straightening, Brazillian Blowout and Eyebrow Tinting.


FABULOUS FRIDAY {A lil beauty, style + inspiration}




BEAUTY: I am in love with e.l.f. products and recently picked up this fabulous tinted lip balm with SPF 15Only $3.00 and it’s super moisturizing with a touch of color plus it protects your smackers from harmful rays.  For a lipgloss/lipbalm/lipstick addict, it’s perfect for casual days when you are heading to the gym, the pool or just hanging at home.  Target has the biggest selection of e.l.f products!


red triangle stone bib necklace

STYLE: One of my fave “go to” items is a chic black blazer, but it can become boring when you wear it on a regular basis.  The quickest ways to transform and add life to any boring outfit is to add a colorful statement necklace.  I’m obsessed with this turquoise bib necklace I picked up on my trip to Africa a few years ago.  A colorful geometric necklace is also super hot this Spring/Summer.


INSPIRATION: Toward the end of a long hike yesterday, I came across these wooden stairs.  My legs were totally fatigued, but I had to climb these stairs to get to my car.  Grrrrrrr- I just stood there panting and annoyed that I had to tackle these after I already made the long journey.  Funny, this is such a profound symbolism for our life’s journey, isn’t it?!  I had to snap a pic as a reminder.   Of course, I sucked it up and climbed this short- but challenging- flight of stairs and made it to the finish line, my car and A/C.  Just when you think you can’t go on any longer, remember you are stronger than you “feel” so keep climbing, keep going and never give up no matter what hurdles, mountains, valleys, potholes or staircases you encounter along the journey.  Dig deeper and you will reach the finish line with hands waving in the air and breeze in your hair.


Love, Tiff

IS IT A DRESS? IS IT A TOP? {New Style Webisode)



A viewer recently asked for ways to style a tunic so I decided to make this brilliant piece of clothing the topic for our latest STYLE Q+A webisode!  This is one of my all time favorite things to wear.  It’s versatile, comfortable and you can style it classic or bohemian.  One thing I forgot to mention in the webisode is a tunic works great as swimsuit cover up!  Watch this…


Here’s a closer look at the shoes I was wearing…

bakers_gladiators{Suede Sandal/Booties from Bakers.  YES- Bakers!  The store where you could get your prom shoes dyed to match your dress back in the day. Ha! Found these in Dallas a few yrs ago.}

kenneth_cole_laceups{Kenneth Cole Lace Up Sandals}

Keep your eye out for tunics right now!  I’ve seen them everywhere from H&M, TJ Maxx and Zara.

***Walk Tall + Own It Sista***



STRUT ‘EM! 5 Spring Styles {New Webisode}

Hey Lovelies,

There are so many fabulous styles this Spring, but there are a few we can skip.  In the latest webisode, I give you a rundown of a few styles I think we can all strut for Spring.  Take a look….



Stay tuned for more videos.  We’ll be taking a peek at accessories next.  I’m also preparing the next Beauty + Style Q & A webisode so ask away!

Walk Tall Sista!

Love, Tiff