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Are you ready to make the necessary changes to live a healthier, more spiritually conscious life and exude more confidence?  Tiffany believes a true “makeover” begins with the mind and spirit.  She encourages women to love themselves by working on their “inner beauty” before they ever step into their closet. Tiffany has a new approach to style through spirit!

Online coaching with Tiffany happens via Skype, email and phone.   Packages are available and custom designed to fit anyone’s specific needs and goals.  A 3-6 month commitment is recommended in order to generate lasting positive results. Check out what Tiffany’s clients and community says about working with her on the “Shout Out’s” Page.   

Serious inquiries only please.  For rates and packages, please fill out the form below including your specific needs and goals.


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Would you like to hire Tiffany for your publication, TV show, church group, webinar or workshop?  As a champion for women, Tiffany is passionate about sharing her expertise and tools for living  a more empowered and spiritually-driven life.  She is transparent, with raw authenticity, in sharing how she overcame sexual assault and the obstacles that came from that trauma to live a more vibrant, stylish and healthy life.  

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Beauty Live





Want to get into the TV Hosting business?  Brand yourself?  Start a YouTube Channel? Tiffany began her career in front of the camera at age of 14 and loves to share her experience and knowledge with those embarking on an exciting journey in the entertainment industry.  With the growing generation of YouTuber’s and companies needing to provide video content on their websites, it is vital for business owners to sharpen their on-camera skills so the customers are able to put a face with the company. 

Serious inquiries only please.  For rates and packages, please fill out the form below including your specific needs and goals. 






Tiffany will teach you how to deliver copy in a natural and friendly manner in which to engage your customers.  She is also an industry consultant for talent branding, modeling and hosting which includes info on agents, headshots, image, reels and how to brand yourself.  Tiffany is available for one-on-one coaching in person, via Skype or small group workshops.  For rates, please fill out the form below including your specific needs and goals. 

Tiffany also specializes in mentoring/coaching teen girls using a curriculum she has developed which involves basic hygiene, personal style, confidence building, goal-setting and health/wellness.  [Group rates available]



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I look forward to working with you, pulling out your greatness, building your confidence and guiding you toward making your dreams a reality! 



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