Shout Out’s


Tiffany Hendra has been a huge supporter of me in my branding of Cancer Cutie.  She is encouraging and supportive in her coaching and keeps you accountable for your growth.  I can’t imagine my life without her.  She really is motivated to help lift women up and be the best we can be!

-Kathryn “Kat” Davis, Two time breast cancer survivor, author, certified nutritionist, health & wellness counselor and cancer coach.






Tiffany has a unique gift to pull authenticity out of people.  She helped me find my voice, confidence, and guide me to start my successful You Tube Channel for my blog.  I had no idea the scope of her training would exceed far more than camera presence…she got to know WHO I am and customized an approach versus a “one size fits all” program.  Furthermore, she continues to help me far after training by checking in, constructive advice on projects, and lending emotional support.  Even if my goal wasn’t to start a You Tube channel, I would hire her again because the confidence boost is priceless!  Tiffany Hendra is living her true calling in helping others find theirs.  Bravo!

-Whitney Kutch, Lifestyle Blogger & Host/Creator of Whit’s Kitch.


One of my all time favorite authors, C.S Lewis once said “You’re never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream…”. How I wish I could shout this message to the world! In an age where it’s tempting to put an expiration date on our dreams, I am so thankful for a friend and mentor in Tiffany Hendra who did not dare let me go through life believing I was too old to reach my dreams. I took Tiffany’s workshop being new to the hosting industry and not really knowing what to expect, but all I can say is “WOW!” I learned so much and took away so many valuable nuggets from her course that I haven’t gotten anywhere else. It truly changed my life for the better and gave me the confidence and tools I needed to continue sharpening my skills. This course isn’t just for actors or hosts. If you have EVER wanted to improve your communication skills, work towards hosting a show, start your own YouTube channel, become a speaker or author or anything, this is the course for you. I am telling you, this course will change your life by inspiring you to dig deep, challenge yourself and learn how to share your message with passion and purpose. I never want to miss a workshop!

-Amy Robbins, Model/ TV Host/ Producer/ Firearm Specialist


I am so grateful for powerful inspirational women like Tiffany who are not only successful, but want to share their knowledge with others. This workshop was a breakthrough for me in my writing and speaking. I can’t wait to share my experience with others.

-Cherie Rickard,  International Published Author/ Speaker/ Certified Grief & Empowerment Coach




During our sessions, Tiffany gave me steps, tools and guidance towards a new way of waking up to life every morning.  From morning meditations and daily affirmations photo-170to even just drinking a tall glass of water with lemon to get my day started.  From there she had me write everyday. After each session, she would send me links to new eye opening gifts of life.  She gave me work to do for myself and I felt this joust of energy to do them before we would meet again.  With each session I felt stronger with her.  I felt happier.  I felt like I wanted to be like her and like many women out there that wake up to be able to Walk Tall.  My mom is one of my greatest mentors in my life.  She has overcome many obstacles in life and she still made it out strong to this day even with raising me as a single mother.

Now I have a second mentor in my life Tiffany Hendra!  Her best words to me after I felt a moment of weakness was “Change and growth is a biatch…It is hard and that’s why so many people wimp out and stay the same, living the same mediocre life . Which really ends up harder in the long run.  Temporary discomfort now for a lifetime of Joy, Peace & Power!!!  Remember That”!

I have days were I feel myself slip away to my old self or where I feel overwhelmed and cry because of this life changing event I want to pursue.  But she has assured me that this just means that I have been “cracked open” and have truly reconnected to my spirit!!!

-Gwendolyne DiLapi, New York

Christine Haas

As a newscaster, my appearance is always scrutinized and I turned to Tiffany for help!  She had wonderful advice for me and she really tapped into ways to make my personality jump out. I felt like I went to therapy!  She’s spot on — when a girl doesn’t look good — a girl doesn’t shine…and Tiffany helped me get my sparkle back.  She’s a beautiful soul and a real pro!

-Christine Haas, News Anchor, San Diego




Thank you to my friend, Tiffany Hendra who found me this stunning Rachel Zoe tuxedo!

-Ali Brown, Entrepreneur Mentor




I am honored to have been coached by Tiffany Hendra. I hired Tiffany to guide me back into the “business” and help me polish my skills after staying home with my kids for 10 years. She went above and beyond what I needed! After our month of working together, I felt equipped with the skills and mindset I needed to achieve my dreams! Tiffany’s energy and love of life can’t help but inspire you and spill into your life, leaving you feeling excited and re-energized!

– Angie Maupin, Actress/ TV Host




You inspire a lot more people then just women,Tiffany. You also touch the hearts of many husbands who looking for ways to connect with wives or boyfriends with girlfriends. I adore your positive outlook at life…you are a real role model.
-Patrick Michael, Michigan


Almost three years ago, by chance and for a reason bigger then I know, I met Tiffany.  I had no confidence in my career or my ability to grow in anything other than as a “skin care specialist”, but Tiffany placed her jackiefaith AND her face in my hands.  She showed me I had potential and that there was so much more for me.  Her daily work encourages the people who lack confidence, who lack faith and who lack self esteem- to push hard and to believe that there is a plan for everyone.  When I say this I will speak for women out there that Tiffany is truly an inspiration and has left an imprint on my life that I am FOREVER blessed for and because of her I am living the dream.   I am so proud of her and her mission with Sanctuary of Style. It’s more than just the outer look that she is are targeting, she is changing women from the inside-out and there is no greater gift then that!

All my love to you my soul sista! –Jackie Mapile, NYC






When I was invited to attend the 2011 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, CA., I was thrilled! My delight and excitement was quickly followed by a feeling of “oh no, what am I going to wear?”  As a NYC business woman and mother of two, I thought how am I going to even begin to pace with all of the beauties on the red carpet?!”

Immediately, I thought of Tiffany Hendra who has been a friend and beauty expert for over 20 years.   Knowing that I could turn to her to make me feel beautiful on the inside and on the outside was a huge relief.   When the day of the awards show finally arrived, I woke up nervous.   Then, Tiffany arrived and began to work her magic.   Through our conversation, she reminded me of the strength of women, of power of motherhood and of that the best accessory is confidence.   On the inside, she made me feel empowered and ready to hit the red carpet with confidence and charisma. On the outside, I looked beautiful and very put together.  The best part, she made me feel like I belonged on the red carpet!   What an experience!

Thanks, Tiffany!  -Bridgitt Shult Haarsgaard, NYC



I met Tiffany Hendra about eight years ago in Dallas, Texas.  At first, I was impressed with her obvious beauty, but more so by how personable she was.  It seemed like everyone wanted to be around her.  I was very happy to reconnect with her in LA about a year ago when I was first starting my Marriage & Family Therapy practice.  She asked me to donate my therapeutic expertise to a project she was producing at the time.  I was confident that anything she was involved in would be professional, tasteful and look great.  I was right.  She quickly realized that I was quite challenged when it came to putting together my clothes, make up and hair- all areas of Tiffany’s expertise.  I felt timid when she first asked me to be a subject of her web series “Sanctuary of Style” for the webisode “Closet SOS”.  I never like to look at how disorganized my closet is, much less have someone else witness it!  My fashion and beauty faux pas seemed insurmountable…until Tiffany arrived.  She showed me the most effective ways of organizing my closet and taking care of my clothes, and she found so many clothing ensembles that I didn’t even know I had. I was so grateful to Tiffany for sharing her knowledge with me.  She helped me feel beautiful right before my wedding, ready for my new career, and she made it fun!

-Laura McClauchlin, Marriage and Relationship Therapist, Santa Monica



“Your posts inspire me and I look forward to your daily fashion tips! Keep doing what your doing GREAT things are coming your way I have been watching your Sanctuary of Style Videos from Day 1 and I’m just waiting for the day that you post on FB that your show has been picked up by a major network! DREAMS do come true ! You have amazing energy and your true beauty comes from within”.

-Johanna Placencio, Texas


I’m simply writing to tell you how delighted I am to have found your amazing website! Congratultions on such fabulous work and seriously inspirational videos. I am a young woman interested in fashion and beauty but have never really let my true creativity shine through. However, I’m starting off in my career and am hitting my mid-twenties so Santuary of Style is just the kind of inspiration I and so many young women need to start feeling better about ourselves and improving ourselves daily. I read Vogue and keep informed on trends and even lived in France, the fashion capital of the world, but I’ve never learnt as much as I have from your videos. I think the appeal is you have such depth and beauty to your charachter not only on the outside and this shines through. I really like the way your videos aren’t solely focused on looking good on the outside. You place a lot of genuine emphasis on confidence from the inside and being a better person emotionally which is hugely refreshing. Lastly, thank you again for such amazing videos and style advice! The world needs people like you. Please keep sharing your positivity, you are really inspiring people.

-Máire Ní Mhathúna, Ireland



Tiffany, I wanted to thank you so much for your SOS webisodes. I am a 40 year old busy mother and these webisodes help me so much! We were so blessed to have our daughter in December of 2009 after a year and a half of trying to conceive and she kept me so busy all on her own. Imagine our surprise when out of the blue we found out we were pregnant again when she was 14 months old! Our surprise blessing arrived this past October, a 8 lb 1 oz baby boy. They have truly enriched my life but there are days when just getting my teeth brushed seems like a big accomplishment! Your webisodes give me fast and easy access to quick beauty tips and boy is that what I need. Fast, easy and quick! I do not get a lot of time any more to read up on latest trends or products so you really help narrow it down by doing the research for me. Thank you again for all your help!

-Kathy Love Danford, Texas



6 thoughts on “Shout Out’s

  1. I found Sanctuary of Style randomly on Youtube when I was searching for remedies for acne and how she struggled to control her hormonal acne. I then continue on here vlogs and was inspired and impressed on how beautiful her heart is and how it shines. I am truly inspired by her words and how positive it is. I cant wait for Tiffany to post more in the new year. I am a new fan! So excited!!!

  2. I came across this reading about clearogen and this site has blown my mind, thank you for your great insights, I feel honoured to be part of the sos team 😉

  3. Any chance you can tell me where I can get that awesome necklace LeeAnne is wearing in all of her interviews on the show. The one with the orange one shoulder shirt. It is gold with a large turquoise bead. I appreciate any and all info.


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