I recently asked you all to submit your questions and concerns and WHOA BABY- sounds like lots of you girls are suffering from hormonal adult acne. (GRRRRR!!!)  I have been there, done that and know too well how your self-esteem suffers from it.  In today’s webisode, I give you the strategy that  has helped me win the battle once and for all. (HALLELUJAH!!!)  We usually see the first signs of adult acne in our late 20’s when our hormones start changing and many women experience it after childbirth when their hormones are regulating. Then, several women may experience it all over again in their 50’s-60’s as they go through menopause.  With a few minor tweaks and supplements, we can all experience the freedom of beautiful, clear, healthy skin!  This is an extra long video because I just couldn’t edit out any info! 

Get out your notepad + pen….

{Cleanser with Salicylic Acid}

{Fave scrub by Sia Botanics}

{Weekly At-Home Greek Yogurt Facial}

{Blueberries Neutralize Oils}

{Turmeric Spice or in a Supplement Form}


Final Tip- Drink lots of water!


Beautiful skin really does start within, not only with healthy eating and supplements, but through a low-stress lifestyle!  Did this info help? Please click like and share! Tweet it too!

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Also, what are your BEAUTY DILEMMAS? The main issue I am constantly asked about is adult acne and I will touch on that for sure.


I will be on the road for about 6 weeks this Fall so I want to make sure I get you girls a good dose of SOS before I leave!   Don’t worry, we will be taping some fun videos from the road too.  Ask anything and I will do my best to answer your questions and head you in the right direction. Comment here on the blog or on the FACEBOOK PAGE.

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