If you have subscribed to SOS, more than likely you are serious about your personal growth and development, spiritual healing, image and purpose in life. Often, I refer to the cocoon and the butterfly as a symbol of beauty, growth and transformation. The butterfly has intrigued me since I was little and it’s meaning became even more powerful to me as I began my journey of transformation. We are all striving to gain our wings.

Wherever you are in your journey today, remember that some people will not accept, appreciate or support your growth. This is unfortunate, but it’s the truth. Do not -under any circumstances – allow their insecurity to keep you from moving forward. Putting in the work takes guts, grit, courage, lady balls, focus and ALL of your will power. Throughout my journey, I’ve experienced a resistance to my growth by others. I’ve been made fun of for being “too airy fairy” or too motivational, cheerleadery and positive. At first, this would cause me to pull back and dummy myself down. No one likes to be made fun of so we go against our authenticity by trying to fit in. This has never worked for me! I had a deep longing to become the best I could be and to overcome the issues in my life. We make ourselves miserable trying to make others feel more comfortable. How stupid is that?!? 


Ultimately, we dull our shine or clip our wings by allowing others opinions to overrule our own thinking. We need to take responsibility for what we allow. Personal growth and becoming who God created us to be takes work and major cooperation with Him. The work can be very painful at times, but what you gain on the other side is beyond worth it.


People only want you to stay broken and in the same place because they aren’t doing their work to move forward. It’s time to limit your time with these types of people and your true friends will celebrate your growth. They will help you claim your wings and even be the wind beneath your wings. I’m so grateful for those friendships. I look at how much my life has changed (for the WAY better) so if being too cheerleadery or positive is weird, then I’m happy to be a total weirdo and I adore those who choose to be weirdos with me.

Have you experienced this? Do you “dummy down” to please others?

Go enjoy the clouds today!


Love, Tiff


CHRYSALIS by Guest Author, Wendy Carter



I am egg. I am goo. I am imaginal discs… the programming of spine, and masks, and wings with a dream of flying. 




I form. I hatch. I eat and shed my skin, and my masks come off, revealing the ever growing larval, child, and teenage faces.
I’m walking with wings beneath the skin of my growing body, and knowing, feeling the promise of them invisibly there, 
wondering, imagining, what will it be like to fly? 

I must try. 

The mask is tight. The skin must go. Go back to the goo.
So I coccoon. I form a chrysalis. Safe. Silken. Private. 

And I digest myself, and I rest from all of my eating, climbing, spinning and building. I liquidate into protein soup du’ imaginal discs. I am my own fuel for the rapid fire splitting and duplicating, triplicating, of cells I dream and sleep through. 

Then my antennae tingle, my legs, my eyes and genitals and wings… oh, my wings form as I dream of flying in the goo behind the mask in the glow of imagined sky in the imaginal disc of my brain.
And I dream myself together til the dreams and the wings take up too much space. The goo is gone, and I am hardening, and hungry, cramped, and bored. 

Cocooning stops here and now. It’s time. 

The chrysalis must go. This silken safe must go. There is only the memory of comfort here. 

It is time.

So I stretch, until there is hole, and the air is delicious. I stretch again. I stretch until I am baffled at my hugeness, and the beauty I have become. Wobbling and wet, clinging to the shell of my home.
My wings have eyes that see the sky. I must dry. 

I must rest. 

But there are others. I must know them. 

I must fly. 

It is time. 

So I exercise my wings, down, up down up down up… and adjust to the different lengths of my body. I remember… I remember so not being like this. I am shaped differently.

I am stronger. 

I climb. I hear and feel the call of the others. I see them on bushes beside me, and winging delightedly above. I too, am made for that impossibility.
A strong wind blows and I cling for dear life to the limb I’m considering letting go of, and feel I must be insane. Flying. I’d be oh so vulnerable. But oh so free. 

I climb.

And I reach the top, and my wobbling weight bows the upper leaves. My wings flutter a little and the leaf is relieved. My clinging feet are lifted.
When another wind blows and in a ripping screaming moment my home is gone. I am upside down and spinning, a blur of green and purple and broken home around me, flapping and flapping, and the flapping feels useless, until suddenly… 

it isn’t.

And I’m flying and the world looks different from up here and isn’t it wondrous this world? I am joy! I am lifted! I am life! I am young, and strong, and this final mask is mine, and I discover that I am beautiful.
And I am still hungry.

And I want company.

And I want love. 

And I can go anywhere. 

I am free!

Oh, God, I am light… thank you for this gift of making me 





Hi Butterfly!butterfly_2

Where the heck did January go?  It flew by and I’m actually glad because it means we’re a bit closer to spring.  YAY!  I am sure you can tell by now I am not a fan of winter!  This got me thinking about the recent post I wrote about introspection and “checking in with ourselves”.   Because of the challenges over the past few months, I have hibernated lots in January to regroup and get it together.  I call this “cocooning”.  Do you allow yourself to “cocoon”?  Everyone loves a beautiful butterfly, but let’s take a look at what it took (hey, I made a rhyme) to emerge into this beautiful creature. 

The cocoon is a protective barrier to keep the insect safe while it goes through a transformation.  It’s a place of stillness, darkness, quiet and of course, SOLITUDE….and it can flat out suck.  When I began my Spiritual journey in my late 20’s, I didn’t understand how important these times of solitude were and neither did my friends.   They thought something was seriously wrong with me or that I was depressed and anti-social.  Normally, I was Miss Party Queen, but I was choosing to stay in on Saturday nights to read, journal or paint.  SAY WHAT?  I felt emotionally raw and weak at the time, so retreating to my sanctuary, safe haven or cocoon was the only way I could get my strength back.  Now, I have learned to embrace these beautiful times of growth and looking inward and will “come out and play” when I’m ready.  My closest peeps understand this about me now with no judgment or ridicule.  Real friends understand.  Thank God for those amazing friends who don’t put pressure on us and  just let us “be”!

We all want to stretch and spread our wings, but it’s virtually impossible to do so without first spending the necessary time we need in our cocoons.  Transformation is amazing, but it is definitely not easy.  It doesn’t happen over night either.  We need times of stretching and we need times of cocooning in order to change.  IT’S A PROCESS.  TRUST THE PROCESS.  Many fear being alone to face their issues, but what you achieve on the other side is SO worth it.  The STRUGGLE to emerge and break through the cocoon is what builds our STRENGTH.   We all know that the butterfly will die if it comes out of the cocoon too early.  That’s why it is so important to be patient with ourselves during these times of growth.  Don’t rush it!  We are different when we emerge (Hallalujah) so we have to really be in tune with ourselves and perhaps learn a new way of doing things.  You will relate to the world differently and vice-versa.  Some friends may adapt to the new you and some may not.    When you make the decision to become ALL you can be and set out on a serious self-development journey, your friends may change.  You will outgrow people and that’s ok.  Those people have the same right to stay where they are and yes, that’s ok too. 

Many mothers have expressed to me that they don’t have time to focus on their spiritual growth because they are too busy focusing on their children’s growth.  Hey– I totally get it, but I say you have to make the time!   You owe it to yourself.  Don’t stunt your growth just because you are raising your kids.  I know busy mothers do not have the luxury of taking a month to hibernate and decline social engagements, but you can take a 1/2 hour in the mornings or a few hours on the weekends.  Little moments of cocooning are better than none at all.


  1. Let go of the fear of looking inward.
  2. Spread my wings when I’m ready to fly.
  3. Embrace my transformation and never compare it to others.
  4. Be unapologetic in my choice to grow.
  5. Not rush it.
  6. Trust the process.
  7. Respect where others are on their journey.
  8. Be happy where I am whether I’m stretching or in the cocoon.
  9. Release those friends who do not celebrate the new me.
  10. See my potential and nurture it.
  11. Stay excited with the expectation of what’s on the other side….even though I’m not sure what it is!

I celebrate you!

Remember to share, like, or tweet this post if it encouraged you.  Maybe a friend could use some encouraging as well.

Whether you are currently in the cocoon or out there flying high, I hope your week is full of amazing moments.

Love You Sister,



Sunday Eve Affirmations

Hi Beautiful Butterfly!


Before reading on…..

Are you in a quiet space where you can focus on YOU and setting your mind for a fan-tabulous week ahead?   Turn the TV off.  Wait till the kids are in bed and give yourself a moment to get some clarity. Ok, now read on….

As you read each affirmation, really see and feel yourself experience the success of each one.  Then, just watch your week be full of magic, miracles and major happy moments!


  1. Take time each day to exhale and decompress.
  2. Be courageous no matter how “wimpy” I may feel.
  3. Eat foods rich in antioxidants because my body is a temple.
  4. Practice more patience.
  5. Help others without expecting anything in return.
  6. Rock a BOLD colorful top.
  7. See myself as healthy, whole, happy and HOT.
  8. Stretch for 10 minutes before getting in bed at night.
  9. Deep condition my hair.
  10. Send a “just because” hand written note to a dear friend.
  11. Live with gratitude and count my blessings.

A Reminder about Stress:

Please share these affirmations with a girlfriend who could use them!

Have a rockin’ week,