COMPLIMENT YOURSELF {Sunday Eve Affirmations}

Hey Style + Spirit Sisters!

How is your weekend going?  I hope you found a moment for some “ME” time.  My weekend has been pretty perfect so far.  My hubby and his band killed it last night at the House of Blue’s Foundation Room on Sunset Blvd.  It was truly surreal because we have eaten there and seen other gigs perform a zillion times.  I’m a proud rock wife!  Ok, enough about me:-)  Let’s talk about how amazing women are!  Well, confident women- I should say.  This Sunday’s topic was inspired by the many gorgeous girlfriends I am blessed to have in my life.  Several of them came out to support my man last night (Thank you girls! Meant the world to me!) and I just love seeing so many stunning and talented women with the ability to shower other women with compliments.

We were like a mega-fashionable cheerleading squad!  Replace the pom poms + pigtails for skinny jeans + crazy cool accessories….  “Girl, I love your hair color… Honey, you look so beautiful tonight… Sista, you give the best hugs… Sweetie, have you lost weight (that’s always the best one, right)” ….and on and on!  Sisk-boom-bahhh!  I’m sure we all left the gig with a pep in our step and our love tanks full.  I know I sure did!  This seems to be a topic I’m harping on quite a bit at the moment- GIRLFRIENDS + GIRLTIME- but, it really is vital for us to cheer one another on and feel connected + appreciated.  I mean, let’s be honest- I love love love getting compliments from my man, but doesn’t it make you feel even  more warm + fuzzy to get a genuine compliment from another woman? 

This got me thinking-

I bet most of us never shower OURSELVES with praise or compliments.  AM I RIGHT?  We are able to freely give a ‘shout out’ to others, but when was the last time you gave yourself a pat on the back or looked in the mirror and said, “Girl, you’re rockin’ it today” ???  Do you rely on others to boost your confidence?  Do you feed on others complimenting you and when your ego isn’t stroked, you feel disappointed?  In the week ahead, let’s start making it a daily habit to give ourselves at least one compliment a day!  I think that’s totally do-able….  


  1. Compliment myself once a day.
  2. Embrace that quirk about myself that I’ve always hated.
  3. Remove “I’m worried that_” from my vocab.
  4. Make more time for girltime.
  5. Start claiming 2013 to be the best year ever.
  6. Wear the expensive earrings I’ve been saving for a special occasion.
  7. Ignore catty women.  They’re just insecure, poor things.
  8. Say “hello” to the person in front of me in the checkout line.
  9. Snack on blueberries + almonds instead of cheese nips + skittles.
  10. Hold my shoulders back, engage my core + stand up tall.

Please make a comment + share something you love about yourself.  Come on, just do it!  I’ll start…I love that I have the gift of listening to others and my hair is super healthy and shiny!  Ok, your turn.  Ready, set, go!

Share, tweet + like this post if you found it inspiring.  Thanks a bunch!

Wishing you a week full of love, laughter, light, bliss, peace + silly moments!

Love, Tiff

P.S.  It is a very important week for our country.  As you go out and vote, please pray + send positive thoughts that we will appoint the right candidate to lead our nation.  God Bless the USA! 


Be Your Own Biggest Cheerleader- SHOW SOME SPIRIT! Woohoo!

Hey My Fab Cheerleading Squad!

Was anyone a cheerleader growing up?  I was and one of the things I loved about it the most was the camaraderie and sisterhood among the squad.  We are all building such a great community and sisterhood here and I want to thank you all for being…Give me a Y, Give me an O, Give me a U…what’s that spell? YOU!  Ok, that sounds kind of corny, but it’s the truth.   So, today I want to remind you to affirm (and give yourself a cheer while doing a toe touch- OUCH! The thought of that hurts!) yourself the way you do your BFF!  Today- it is time to stop beating yourself up.  Ya hear me!  I am so guilty of it lately and that’s why I’m sharing this message today:

I appreciate your patience and will have the new SOS dressing room up in no time!   This recent transition my hubby and I went through is a great learning lesson to “let go” and allow yourself to grow, change, embrace the new and be OK with stepping back for a second.  It may piss some people off in your life, but hey- they’ll get over it!   It will allow you to soar to new heights!  Go for it and I will see you on the next webisode very soon!

SPEAKING OF NEW HEIGHTS:  I do have a fabulous spring shoe to share with you (thanks to my gal pal Cortney) by Nine West!  Holy Super Sexy Wedge!

Sharing the love, beauty + inspiration,

Tiff   (sisk-boom-bah)