RIP ZOE: Tribute To Our Sassy SOS Mascot

Dear Precious Friends,

With a heavy, but healing heart I must share that 2 weeks ago today our furry daughter, Zoe went to puppy heaven. What a quirky little diva she was. Shaking my head with a huge grin on my face. She loved being wherever mama was even when I was filming SOS videos! If you have been part of this journey from the beginning then you have seen our sassy scene stealer in many episodes.

I wanted a dog for years, but was living an unsettled gypsy lifestyle so as soon as Aaron and I got married (and I felt somewhat like a grown up) we got our little deaf, high maintenance long-haired chihuahua. “Zoe” was my favorite baby name for a girl and since I wasn’t sure if I would ever have kids– we named her Zoe which means “life” in Greek. So she has been our baby from day one and was truly my spiritual guide dog. Some may think that idea is “woo woo” but she was my trusted companion every single day on my healing journey. She snuggled up beside me during many journaling sessions and watching episode after episode of Joyce Meyer and TD Jakes. Many things are inconsistent when you begin your spiritual journey. One day you’re up and can see the light, one day you’re in dark pain with a heart that is cracking open. The one consistent thing, besides God’s presence, was Zoe. She was there loving me unconditionally. I truly believe she had a job to do in being my spiritual companion and she did it very well. I’m sure God is so pleased with his sweet little creation! *Kleenex Please* 

[Aaron loved her like crazy! This was the day we brought her home April 2004.]

If you have gone through the loss of a furry family member then you know the deep absence and void that is left in the home. I hug you all. ((Group hug)) We never realize how much energy and life they bring to our sacred space. Each day is getting better and we are focusing on the beautiful life she had!  She was spoiled silly especially when we lived on a beautiful big property in 90210. She really was a “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” and always rocked a cute sweater. She even had the ‘Tude to go along with it and was pretty snobby and definitely not a people person.  Everyone who met her knows she really only liked the boys. True diva indeed!


Here’s some SOS clips I put together on an Instagram Story as a tribute to our Zoe:

RIP sweet girl and thank you for your years of devotion! Now you can rest and hopefully got your hearing back in puppy heaven where all is perfect. 

With Love, 



P.S. Happy April Y’all. It’s going to be an amazing month! We head over to Australia tomorrow to visit our Aussie family! So excited. Remember to take some time to look over your vision board, set your intentions for the month and really think about what you WANT!