Happy Friday Fab Friends!

Do you start the day feeling fabulous with that pep in your step, but by midday you’re feeling deflated, frumpy and not sure where the heck that “pep” went?  I know that feeling oh too well. With all the hats we wear these days, our long to-do lists, constant techno overload and then add changing hormones to that list and it can make getting through the day feel like you’re climbing Mt. Everest.  Anyone feel me?  I go-go-go all day as I’m sure you all do so I started paying attention to that midday slump and deflation I was feeling. I wanted to FEEL FAB all day long! Here are a few unusual tips that I have found to work. I hope they help you too….



I love my morning coffee- actually I am an addict and make no apologies!  But, if I drink coffee on an empty stomach without having my lemon water first I get a headache and a foggy feeling by late morning.  A few years ago, I started drinking a full glass of water with the juice of about 3 lemon wedges right when I wake up.  Our bodies actually become a bit dehydrated while we sleep so the water hydrates and flushes the kidneys while the citric acid in the lemon detoxes the liver.  The lemon water actually boosts mental clarity and because of the detox properties, it increases energy.



Technology helps make our lives efficient in so many ways.  By the click of a button I can chat with family all over the world either by phone, email or skype in about 1.5 seconds.  Remember when people had to handwrite a letter and send by boat and it would take months to arrive? Well, none of us remember that in our lifetime, but look how the internet has revolutionized the way we communicate in just the last 10 years.  BUT- there are some days that I feel the phone and internet has completely taken over my life and my privacy.  Why do we feel the need to be so accessible?  I know parents need their kids to get a hold of them for emergencies and again, that’s one of the positive things about technology.  I make it a habit to turn my phone on SILENT a few times during the day especially when I’m working on something important and do not need the distraction.  I actually turn it face down so I can’t even see it light up with an alert or throw it in my purse so I can’t see it at all. Isn’t it ridiculous how addicted we are to checking our phones?  It’s very draining on our energy, both physically and mentally. For example, you get that unimportant text that distracts you and you feel like you have to answer it right away and then waste about 10-15 minutes on that text convo. Grrrrrr! Then you have to muster up the mental power to refocus on whatever you were doing before that text. No wonder we’re exhausted! 



It’s so important to take a break everyday and get outside in the sunshine if you work indoors in front of computer.  Especially if you work in an office with fluorescent lighting because it can cause migraines, eye strain and several other issues.  Also, the recycled air from the air conditioner can aggravate any allergies or breathing issues you may have.  Just 5-10 minutes outdoors will rebalance your energy, clear your lungs and help keep you feeling fabulous until the end of your work day.


green iced tea

I have been opting for a green iced tea in the afternoon instead of coffee and have been feeling great. The Tazo Zen Green Tea at Starbucks has lemongrass and spearmint and tastes amazing over ice with a packet of stevia. Green tea has a long list of health benefits to help keep your level of fabulosity high all day! It doesn’t have as much caffeine as coffee, but enough to give you that perk up. It also helps you with your glow because of the anti-aging properties as well as fights cancer all at the same time. Plus- it speeds up your metabolism! HOLLA HOLLA- that deserves a double shout out! If you are really stressed, drink it hot instead. Hot tea lowers anxiety and speeds up digestion which helps with any “butterflies” in your stomach or knots. 



End the day feeling fabulous with a hot bubble bath. I literally feel the stress, techno drain and any people drama of the day wash off me and go right down the drain. Sleep is so important so don’t take all the stress of the day to bed with you.  I just started using this amazing essential oil bubble bath by Aura Cacia made with 3 different types of lavender. My bathroom smells like a yummy spa and I feel pampered. I also pray in the tub and think of the things that happened during the day that I’m grateful for. It’s a beautiful ritual that has me feeling fab all the way until my head hits the pillow.   

A few more suggestions for winding down at the end of the day:

  • Do not sleep with your phone on your nightstand. (unless your teenager is out and they need to reach you, of course!)
  • Step away from the computer and do not check emails at least an hour before bed. Some things can simply wait until morning!

How do you keep your energy up and stay feeling fab all day? 

Spritz of perfume midday? Flirty text with the hubby?


I would love to hear!




Love, Tiff

Be Healthy. Be Beautiful. Be Sane.


Hi Beautiful Girl,

Happy Friday! What do you have planned for the weekend?  I know I sound like a broken record, but I hope you find some time to decompress, recharge and calm your Spirit.  I won’t keep you from getting on with it so here’s just a few tips to help you feel healthier, more beautiful and hold on to your sanity!  I believe our inner beauty, health and wellness is much more important than the latest style and makeup tips.  If we don’t feel good on the inside, ultimately- we will not look good on the outside. 

The popularity of Green Tea has increased tremendously over the last 10 years. Have you incorporated it into your lifestyle yet? I encourage you to do so. There is a long list of health benefits including:

  • Increases metabolism (woohoo),
  • Lowers blood pressure,
  • Regulates glucose + insulin levels so it helps prevent diabetes,
  • Anti-viral,
  • Lowers cholesterol,
  • Reduces risks of cancer + alzheimers,
  • +PLUS+ the antioxidants help preserve the elasticity in the skin meaning LESS WRINKLES!

LATEST Q + A WEBISODE: No you aren’t crazy!

An important supplement I forgot to mention in the webisode (Brain Fart) is a great Vitamin B-Complex. I love it in sublingual form!  Helps with anxiety, depression, all symptons of PMS, fatigue, heart disease and more. 

FINAL TIP:  Enjoy nature. Take a walk. Stop + smell….


Giving you the tools…
to be free,
secure with yourself,
to embrace your quirks,
to own your unique beauty & style,
to walk tall in your fabulous-ness,
to be unapologetic,
to live life without restraints,
to realize your self-worth,
to truly take care of yourself, nurture your spirit and
to watch every single one of your dreams come to pass!

Love You Sister,


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