Neck Candy Giveaway with Taylor-Moseley


On most days, you will find me wearing a few of my favorite Taylor-Moseley layering necklaces.  Her designs have a lux feel yet they are simple & clean for every day. We’ve partnered again this holiday to give away one of her gorgeous necklaces!

Just a few steps to enter on the SOS Facebook Page! 


Winner gets to choose between the Labradorite Gemstone Layering Necklace or the Hammered Circle Layering Necklace. Also, choose your metal: 14k-gold filled or sterling silver!

Giveaway runs until Friday, Dec 16th. Winner announced that afternoon. GOOD LUCK! 



Jewelry designer, Allison Taylor-Moseley started her company with no more than a basic knowledge of wire wrapping and $700.  She used that to purchase a small batch of gemstones, wire, and chain which she creatively turned into her debut collection that she unveiled in 2009 with marked success.  Within 6 months she was selling her collection in several Austin boutiques, at an artist’s market, outdoor festivals, & trunk shows.  In 2011, she and her husband traveled around the country for 1 year in an RV selling her jewelry and honing her craft.  She quickly grew a following of loyal customers who can’t get enough of her sparkling gemstones and shimmering textured metal.

Her inspiration comes from her obsession with timeless style.  And, with her experience as a clothing buyer, wardrobe stylist, & mother of 2, she identifies with women who want stylish, “no-brainer” pieces they can throw on with anything and look instantly put together.  Instead of an overflowing closet, she believes a small, thoughtfully curated wardrobe including pieces that you love and wear often is the secret to effortless style.  She’s created a line to satisfy that desire women have for stylish, accessible pieces that work with their entire wardrobe, but still feel luxurious and high-end.  Her mission is to help women step it up a notch, and love their jewelry collection again.

Allison personally sources and hand-selects all her gemstones.  The metal is hand-cut and hammered in-house; each piece is made-to-order in her studio in Austin, TX.  She is passionate about using 14k gold filled and sterling silver chains, clasps, and earring backs so your pieces have lasting quality.


Safeguarding Your Home & Family Against Holiday Crimes by Guest Blogger Aimee Lyons


The movie Home Alone has become an iconic holiday film, most well-known for the hilarious booby traps set by Kevin to curtail the plans of the nasty robbers who had their sights set on his family’s home. But holiday season home robberies, sadly, aren’t limited to the big screen; CNN reports that burglaries increase during the holiday season in the real world, too. Here are a few common risks that may make your home and family a bigger target for would-be thieves and how to avoid them.

Leaving Valuables Out in the Open

Holiday parties are happening plenty during the holiday season, and if you find yourself playing host to a few or many guests, you’ll want to safeguard your valuables. Of course you trust your friends, but there’s always the possibility of someone bringing a plus-one they recently started dating. Better safe than sorry when it comes to your most prized possessions, so tuck those valuables away in a hidden safe when your home will be filled with guests.

Headed Out of Town? Hold Your Mail

One of the biggest indicators that homeowners are out of town is an overflowing mailbox. If you’re heading out of town for a few days to visit friends or an extended shopping trip, it’s worth having the post office hold your mail while you’re gone, particularly if you’re expecting any packages that will quickly fill up your mailbox.

Don’t Broadcast Your Plans on Social Media

It’s happened more than once, most recently with Kim Kardashian’s highly publicized robbery in France, yet social media users continue to publicly broadcast their travel plans across social networks. Letting the world know that your home will be empty and unattended for two entire weeks is akin to sending a written invitation to your local burglar. As tempting as it is to share every detail of your life, don’t.

Put Your Lights on Timers

Much like an overflowing mailbox can indicate that a homeowner isn’t around, Christmas lights that aren’t turned on for several nights in a row are a surefire indicator that no one’s home. Burglars generally don’t like to get caught, and they’re usually not out to get into altercations with homeowners or cause anyone physical harm, so they’ll choose a home that’s seemingly empty over a home with obvious family inside in most cases. If your lights are turned on routinely every evening, it’s more difficult to tell if someone’s home.

Keep Gifts and Packages Out of View

As beautiful as your Christmas tree is shining through the front bay window, avoid the temptation to pile up all those gifts too soon. If you do display gifts in advance, take steps to make sure that they’re not clearly visible from outside. Likewise, bring any packages delivered inside as soon as possible. If it’s feasible, make arrangements to have delivery drivers and postal workers tuck packages away in a spot that’s not visible from the street.

Don’t Trust People Going Door-to-Door

If your doorbell rings unexpectedly this holiday season, be cautious who you open the door to. Various scams have been carried out using door-to-door methods, such as people posing for charity workers or volunteers seeking donations, people posing as repair professionals or sales representatives. If you can’t verify a person’s identity on the spot, decline their request, or you can simply choose not to answer the door to anyone you don’t recognize.

It’s sad that families need to take extra precautions to safeguard their homes against potential crooks during the season of giving, but being the victim of a robbery is no way to spend the holiday season. Take the ‘better safe than sorry approach’ and play it safe this year.

Aimee Lyons is a DIY hobbyist. She created to share her DIY knowledge and for it to serve as a forum to learn from other DIYers. She also loves crafting, refurbishing furniture, remodeling rooms, and landscaping. 





HO HO HOping to find that perfect gift for your girlfriend, hubby, mom, coworker, niece, nephew or your kid’s teacher this holiday? Look no further because I did the pre-shopping research for you.  A few months ago one of my besties gave me the most darling monogrammed toiletry bag. Heidi is known for her thoughtful gifts and I was thrilled to find out that the company she ordered it from –Perfectly Gifted Frisco–  was started by our girlfriends, Amy & Ewa.

They are both very busy moms who work full time and I admire them for taking the leap of faith and starting this small business. Many women dream of starting a side biz or passion project so I asked them to share a bit about their journey. Be inspired:

1) You’re both working moms with active young kids. What was the catalyst to starting PGF? 
We love gifts simply put.  Ewa and I alway scheme about what is fun at the time and what would be good to put together as gifts for friends and family.  Our kids have multiple birthday  parties on the weekend and we were always trying to find something other than a target toy or gift card to give.  We talked about doing this at length and then finally decided to take the plunge and here we are. 
2)So many people wish they could start their own biz, but never do..what word of advice can you give a busy mom with a dream?
DO IT!! I think you have to jump in and believe you will be successful.  The other key piece is to be flexible and open to learning and taking advice. 
3) Why PFG? Was is it about personalized items that people love so much?
I think a gift becomes more treasured with personalization, it says someone put thought into this for me.  In this world of go, go, go someone thought about me and that this gift would be loved by the individual. 
4) Many friends would love to start a business together, but it can be difficult with friends. How do you ladies keep it professional when you’re so close? 
We have respect for one another and understand that we each have strengths and we must trust in them. 
5) What inspires each of you?
I think for both us it’s our families and trying to set an example of going after your dreams but also that they understand handwork is a must for success.  
                                                                                                                    ~Amy & Ewa


I put in my own holiday order for a group of my girlfriends who are beauty junkies. The clear multipurpose bag is the perfect size and super durable.  I can’t believe how much makeup it can fit and the key feature is that it’s clear so you can see what’s inside. No more fumbling with frustration to the point you get fed up and pour everything out in a pile. Been there, done that! These are also a great idea for a group like a book club, Bible study, sports team or for a girls trip.


This time of year, I always love giving some of my favorite things away. Kind of like Oprah, but don’t hold your breath on the car!  Amy & Ewa would love to personalize one of these clear toiletry bags for you or your beauty junkie friend.



  1. Click LIKE on the Perfectly Gifted Frisco Facebook Page
  2. Stay on their page and make a comment saying “SOS sent me and I would love to see my initials on this bag!” 

One entry per person. Giveaway ends Sat, December 12th. Winner announced that day at 12:00 Noon CST. 


Their gift ideas are endless. Make sure to browse the PGF Facebook PageFacebook Page to see all the fun things they personalize from notebooks, mugs, tumblers, plates, art boxes, and way more!

Also follow them on Instagram to stay in the loop with their latest and greatest ideas.

To place your order today, contact

Amy & Ewa at