6 Accessories That Are Always In Style (Part 1)

Hey Fashionistas! 

This will be the first of a few posts like this because there was no way I could narrow down this topic to just 6 items.  Recently, I was digging through my drawers and closets trying to “clear the clutter” like I discussed in my Closet Organization webisode.  I stumbled upon several things that I had to take a good hard look at…things I’ve had for yeeeeeears!  I do this every Spring and Fall.  It’s almost like a game I play with myself.  Should I chunk it?  Keep it?  Give to my sis or a close friend so it stays in the family? (my besties and I do that with items we really love) Donate it?  Sell it on Ebay?   Those items we have purchased wisely, which never go out of style, absolutely should keep their cherished spot in our wardrobe.  Especially after selling so many of my beautiful designer things after I got married and finances were tight!  There are some things I’m so happy I kept! 

Here’s 6 timeless accessories I love:


1.Red Peep-Toe Slingbacks

These were the very first expensive pair of shoes I bought myself after I booked my  first TV show here in LA. They are by Casadei and I always felt like a million bucks when I wore them. A great red pump with a timeless heel should be a staple in every fashionistas closet!  So Old Hollywood!


2. Gold Bangle Bracelet

A classic gold bangle is the perfect add-on to any outfit…casual or dressy.  A single bangle or a few stacked always adds that bit of  “wow factor” without being over-the-top. I’ve been obsessed with arm candy since I was little.  I rarely leave the house without throwing on a bracelet… or two!


3. Low-Slung Brown Leather Belt

This is probably one of the most talked about items in my webisodes. It is so versatile and can instantly hide the muffin top!  Add it to a tunic, jeans or sundress to create the illusion of a longer waist and smaller hips. If you do not own one, I suggest running out and getting one ASAP!


4. Rhinestone Evening Earrings

Can you believe these were the earrings I wore to prom?  I remember it like it was yesterday.. finding them at this chic boutique in Houston on Westheimer Rd.  Back then, this was like shopping on Rodeo Drive for me!  I don’t wear rhinestones much these days, but a girl never knows when she may need to pull them out!


5. Quilted Chain Bag

I just realized this is one of those items I mentioned that is from one of my besties, LeeAnne (make sure to check out her blog, LeeAnne Locken Loves>>> link on the right side of this blog) gave this to me at least 15 years ago.  Chanel made the quilted chain handbag famous. There have been several knock offs and variations, but the authentic handbag was presented to the public in 1955 and will NEVER go out of style!  


6. Statement Necklace

Whether it’s long and sleek or short and embellished, a fabulous statement necklace is always in.  I think this one is technically vintage by the brand Trifari from the 70’s.   Like the gold bangle, this is a piece you can throw on with just about any kind of top or dress for a bit of oomph.


What is one of your most coveted items that you hope to keep and maybe pass down to a daughter, niece or granddaughter?

So it’s the middle of May.. how amazing is your month going so far?

Please share and A-ha’s, breakthroughs or beautiful moments!


Love, Tiff 


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Be {YOU} tiful


Hey Style + Spirit Sistas,

I was filling out a questionnaire about my blog + videos and thought I would share what I wrote: 


The inspiration for starting my blog was simply to help women learn to love themselves!  Yes, beauty products and developing your own unique personal style is a big part of it– but, the core of why I do what I do is to teach women to LOVE who they are.. inside + out.  Love your quirks and love your thighs!


SOS is about sharing beauty and style tips, but the most important are the INNER BEAUTY TIPS– which are tips for nurturing your spirit!  It may sound strange, but I believe in the “Spiritual” aspect of Style.  We can rock the latest Louis Vuitton handbag, fit into size 2 skinny jeans and have flawless skin, but if we do not love who we are- the quirks, the flaws, the good/bad/ugly- then we will not SHINE and step into our greatness.  God created us all PERFECTLY the way we are and when a woman embraces that fact…and rocks it with her shoulders back and her head held high…. THAT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!


My ethnicity is a blend of Japanese/Czech/two tribes of Native American/English and was raised in a lower middle class neighborhood outside Houston, Tx with a variety of ethnicities, but predominately Hispanic and African American.  I grew up “color blind” and saw everyone as equal.  My favorite magazine when I was little was National Geographic so I was fascinated with other cultures and ethnicities.  I wanted to see the world and experience all these different types of people.

When I entered junior high, I began participating in sports.  My dad who is 1/2 Japanese and a bit Native American, a bit English–  attended my games and when my friends saw that he was Asian– I was ridiculed and they made fun of him.  See, I had dark blonde/light brown hair and didn’t have the normal Asian appearance.  I started to feel shame about my heritage.  I even told my dad to stop coming to my games.  It was so confusing because my best friends were African American and I had a crush on a boy who was Mexican.  I had no idea what racism was at 12 years old!

A few years into high school I began modeling and realized that me being “different” was a cool thing because I didn’t look like anyone else.  I had traded in my National Geographics for Elle and Marie Claire at this point.  I loved the creativity and glamour of the beauty + fashion industry.  Most of the models did not have the typical “All American” beauty so I started embracing my heritage and seeing other mixed ethnicities as beautiful and unique.  I even darkened my hair to look even more exotic and ethnic.  Funny, magazines and the media get so much flack for steering our young girls the wrong way, but they actually had a positive effect on my self-esteem!  Through my career, I went on to fulfill my dream of seeing the world and being “different” was a big blessing in disguise!  Again, God made us all unique and perfect just as we are.  Now, I’m so grateful for the opportunity to teach and mentor young girls to love themselves just as they are.  If we can break the cycle of comparison and competition before they reach high school years– WHOA, it will save so many women years of heartache! 

Love, Tiff


Hey Kindred Spirits!

path_grass_skyHow is your weekend going?  Did you fit in some “ME” time?  I have had one of those crazy annoying cricks in my neck, but I managed to push through it and enjoy my weekend anyway.  For our Friday night movie choice, we watched “The Iron Lady“.  Have you seen it?  I highly recommend it if you’re in need of some serious ‘Girl Power’  inspiration.  I was inspired on many levels!  For starters, Meryl Streep’s talent is awe-inspiring.  She’s been one of my favorite actresses since I saw her in “Sophie’s Choice” when I was little.  Then, Margaret Thatcher…well, where to start?  Talk about courage, moxie, gumption, bravery and an undying belief in herself.   That sets the tone for this week’s inspiration.  What is your level of belief in yourself?  What are your thoughts about yourself and who you want to be?  {PAUSE} Really think about that.  I have always been inspired by Margaret Thatcher’s quote….

“Watch your thoughts for they become words.

Watch your words for they become actions.

Watch your actions for they become… habits.

Watch your habits, for they become your character.

And watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

What we think we become.”

It got me reflecting on my journey.  How did I get to where I am now?   Like all of us, my journey as been long, but thank God– year after year– I grow a bit more and I’m truly liking…no, loving the woman I am becoming.  I own the fact that I’m a work-in-progress and I’m totally cool with that.  Isn’t that what “destiny” is truly about for all of us?  Becoming the person God intended for us to be.  See, I started out my life living in a trailer.  Now to clarify, it wasn’t one of those trailers like Eminem lived in on his movie “8 Mile”.  I don’t want you to get the wrong picture.  We lived in a nice, family-friendly trailer park complete with a tire swing out back, but nevertheless, a trailer– about 30 minutes east of Houston, Tx in a small town called Channelview.  Let’s just say, it was the epitome of  ‘humble beginnings’.  Thankfully, my Grandpa passed down his National Geographic’s to me and from an early age, I was mesmerized by the photos of the great big world outside my small Texas town.  I wanted to see it all and luckily because of my first career, I have seen most of it.  On a side note, I was most fascinated with Australia so it’s not a coincidence that I married an Aussie!  

Ok back to the topic…. I’ll never really know if it was the Nat Geo’s or that tiny glimmer of belief I had in myself or the simple fact that I felt suffocated in my small town that propelled me on my path and destiny.  Maybe it was a combination of all those things.  I teach young women in my empowerment courses that it doesn’t matter where or how we start out in life.  The important thing is how we finish!   Yes, we should always remember where we came from and I’m grateful for that trailer, the tire swing and the ditches we went ‘muddin’ in, but I knew I wanted more for my life.

WHO CARES WHERE YOU STARTED!  ARE YOU BECOMING SOMEONE YOU CAN BE PROUD OF?  ARE YOU FULFILLING YOUR DESTINY?  Margaret Thatcher started out as a lower middle class daughter of a grocery store owner then went on to become the longest-serving Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.  She is the only woman to ever hold that position.  Woop Woop!  Brings out the cheerleader in me and I want to ‘show some spirit’ and do a toe-touch and a herkie!  GO GIRL POWER!   You may have started out with the chips stacked against you and perhaps you came from the wrong side of the tracks.  The beauty is…..you don’t have to finish on the wrong side of the tracks or in the trailer or wherever it was that could potentially hold you back from fulfilling your destiny!  The lesson here is to never get stuck.  Keep moving along your journey.  Keep striving toward your destiny.  


  1. Let go of any self-defeating illusions of my life.

  2. Keep on keepin’ on!

  3. Not allow my past to define me.

  4. Refuse to stay stuck and move CONFIDENTLY toward my destiny.

  5. Be grateful for my humble beginnings.

  6. Believe in myself more than ever.

  7. Be more mindful of my thoughts, words + actions.

  8. Live the BIG life God intended for me. Screw a little life!

  9. Stop getting in my own way.

  10. Embrace my journey and stop comparing it to everyone else’s.


This week, I challenge you to get creative and write your own #11 affirmation and share it with the Sisterhood.

Are you striving toward a big life or do you feel stuck?  I really appreciate your thoughts + comments.  Please like, tweet and share this with your friends.  SOS is all about inspiring others to be the BEST they can be!

Love, Tiff


Hello Summer Babies!

Hope you are all enjoying the fun, summer swag bag giveaways as much as I am.  I want to take a moment and give a BIG shout out to our fabulous sponsors-THEY ROCK!  This is what’s in the bag this week:


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Growing up in the very hot, muggy + humid city of Houston, Tx– I know all about how uncomfortable extreme heat can be and how it puts a damper on our beauty routine! Here’s a few tips I’ve found to stay comfy + feeling clean during this time of year:

1. Keep the chaffing under control with a cornstarch based powder: GOLD BOND Medicated Powder and/or JOHNSON’S Cornstarch w/ Aloe + Vit E.  Apply a light dusting of the powder on inner thighs, under arms and under the edges of your bra.

2. Cooling spray for overheated or sunburned skin. Make with distilled water, a few drops of tangerine essential oil, aloe juice and a few drops of vit E oil. Keep in a spray bottle in the fridge.

3. Best workout gear to keep the outdoor fitness junkie’s cool + comfortable during the summer heat: ATHLETA’S “hot yoga” line of workout gear is designed with breathable fabrics for Bikram yoga- they style of yoga where the heater is cranked up for an added benefit to the body.  Perfect for staying comfy outdoors during summer too.

4. Many of us are in a swimsuit most of the summer. The pool chemicals plus a tight elastic band around the groin will create a rash, razor bumps and an all around uncomfortable feeling in your bikini.  Reduce razor burn and bumps with Bikini Zone (with lidocaine, salicylic acid, and aloe) to stay comfy in your bikini all summer long.

5. Tiger Balm or Icey Hot for staying comfy + cool in the heat.  Apply a dab or spritz on the inside of the wrists, back of neck and back of knees.   The menthol + eucalyptus has a lasting cooling effect.

6. Keep your feet comfy in sandals during the heat of summer by wearing sandals without a rubber insole.  Plastic or rubber flip flops add to the heat problem by making your feet sweat more.

7. Inbetween shampoos, use a dry shampoo to keep your hair smelling great and the extra sweat +oil under control.  I like TreSemme FreshStart and the one by John Freida. They’re both great and easy to find at most drugstores, target or walmart.

8.  My fave antiperspirant is Secret’s Outlast Clear Geland for women who prefer a natural brand, “Tom’s” is great too.

9. During summer switch from your usual alcohol-based perfume to an essential oil.  Our body chemistry changes during summer due to the heat so I HIGHLY recommend checking out my sister’s line of body oils called Corpus Dei .   She can even customize a personalized scent that works with your body chemistry.  Made with organic essential oils.

10. Stay hydrated! Drink more water than normal. I love to add cucumber and lemon slices for added nutrients.


Please share these tips with your friends! Thank you for being part of the Style Sisterhood.

You are loved + adored, Tiff

P.S. Let’s finish out the week strong….