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I’ve received so many comments and messages about how great my skin looked after posting last Monday’s motivational video in my kitchen without makeup on. (Thanks so much!)  If you’ve been following the blog or YouTube channel for a while you know all the different products I swear by. If not, browse through my Beauty Video Playlist and check out all the different products I love. But, here are 3 simple things I always add during winter to keep my skin hydrated– especially now that we live in a climate that actually has winter temperatures.




Water increases cell hydration, but the antioxidants in the herbal teas actually help by detoxifying the entire body especially the kidney and liver so your skin (which is also an organ) can function properly. One of my favorites is Tazo’s mint tea.





Add Omega 3 by eating more fish like salmon or simply taking a good Omega 3 supplement. They are vital for healthy skin and helps regulate oil production in your skin. Having plenty of this essential fatty acid in your system keeps your skin hydrated and prevents it from drying and flaking. You can find great supplements everywhere from Target to Whole Foods.





The heaters will dry everything out from you throat, nostrils, eyes and skin. Adding humidity to combat the dryness will do wonders for you. Use a humidifier or even a large bowl of water sitting close by will add moisture to the air and keep your skin from getting dry and dull.

I am so ready for Spring!

Stay hydrated.

Love, Tiff


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Top Eight Must Haves to Make Your Home A Glam Winter Wonderland! By Guest Blogger- Cortney Bailey


I am thrilled to be a part of the Sanctuary of Style community!  Daily, I find inspiration through the fashionista herself, Tiffany Hendra’s, style tips and uplifting quotes!  Whew, it is amazing to have an army of women (and men) who are all cheering each other on, can I get an Amen!?!  When Tiff asked me to be a guest blogger for S.O.S. I was so excited and knew exactly what I wanted to share: The Top Eight Must Haves to Make Your Home A Glam Winter Wonderland!


The Winter Season means something different to everyone!  Maybe you waited all year for January 1st when you started fresh with new goals or perhaps your kiddos were home for winter break.  Maybe you celebrated Hanukah or Christmas and entertained family and friends or you simply could not wait to cuddle up by the fire during the plummeting temperatures … or if you are like me who grew up in Northern Texas where it snows and freezes, but you now live in Southern California you find any excuse to light a fire and buddle-up in a cozy blanket and create your own winter!

I am excited to share with you all the top eight items to have to make your home ready for Winter!  No matter if you just want to have your home ready for yourself and a couple friends or if you are having a huge winter bash these eight items will leave your home memorable and inviting!

 You can find a full list of inspirational ideas, links where to shop and prices on my blog:




Number One: You’re Welcome!

You don’t have to roll out the “Red Carpet” to make a great impression but you do have to make a great first impression! Your front door really does set the tone to the rest of your home sweet home.


My first must have for Winter is a fresh doormat! No matter if you are pinching pennies or have a bottomless budget you can make this happen!  I promise you, you want all visitors, family, friends and even your delivery person to actually feel welcomed to your home and not think … “oh well” when they set foot on your threshold.

Your home can be perfectly pristine inside but if your doormat is faded or unraveling your first impression may be a flop. Let’s not let that happen!

Number Two: “What Does the Fox Say?”

img72o“What Does the Fox Say?” is one of 2013’s most watched videos on You Tube but it is right on trend with this year’s friendly animal must have!  That’s right, animal motifs are all the rage this year! From fashion to pop culture to home décor, having a splash of these beautiful creatures displayed in your wonderland is the second winter must have!

Number Three: Jewel Tones for Your Table! 

simplicity_colors_fsWant to add festive winter glam to your table this season?  Jewel tone glassware is the perfect accessory for various occasions during the winter months.  Amethyst, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald and Amber are examples of deep jewel tone colors that represent reflections of the winter season. These colors will enhance even the most basic white dishware for not only winter but also during the holidays as well! If you love one color like Ruby Red then stick to it, but if you want to be a little more adventurous then think about using three colors or all five and watch your table or holiday party come-to-life!


Number Four: Not Your Grandma’s Humidifier!

Winter can bring out the best and worst in us all! It’s a festive time, yet the cold weather and extra heat, that we all need to stay warm, can be damaging to you and your home! Depending on where you live, dry or cold climates, you probably experience chapped lips, cracked hands, and a dry face that needs extra moister, plus a body that requires lots of water to keep it hydrated.  As you turn up the heat and light the fireplace inside your home, the same dryness that happens to your body applies to your furniture and hardwood floors! Eeeek … let’s not let this happen to you or your home!!!


My fourth “Must Have” for Winter is a humidifier! You may be a little shocked by this pick and ask why is this a “Must Have”?  I agree, it may not seem as fun as my other must have items, but it definitely serves a great purpose – and they actually can be very creative! Humidifiers don’t have to be boring, they actually are packed with a lot of punch, and are able to alleviate some of the minor but irritating causes of dry and cold to hot air – especially in the winter months. Cold air contains less moisture than warm air.  When you turn your heating system on, the blowing air makes a home even dryer, which can cause damage to your body and your home’s wood elements!

There are so many different humidifiers to choose from and I would suggest you research the various brands before you buy one, however just like most home appliances, humidifiers come in all sorts of creative shapes, amazing colors and perfect sizes. They are not just your Grandma’s humidifier they are now modern and sleek!


Number Five: Toss Me a Throw!

Who does not love to snuggle under a warm throw during the winter?  Well, I know I sure do!  Even in Southern California we have super chilly nights and one of my favorite things to do is to wrap myself up in a cozy throw and either sit by the fire, watch a movie or enjoy a nice glass of wine or a mug of hot chocolate, and yes sometimes I get to do all at the same time!


Having a collection of throws literally tossed around your home is such a great way to embrace winter and is my fifth “Must Have” for the winter season! Throws always give a home a comfy feeling and make every one feel welcome.  Besides the practical use, throws are a great way to add a pop of color, texture and layering to almost any room.

QUICK TIP: I love to snatch up throws right after the holiday and winter season is over as many of them will be on sale – SCORE!


Number Six: Natural Beauty!

Create natural beauty indoors this winter by using influences from the outdoors to create a beautiful homey wonderland indoors. Natural and organic elements now rule the roost!  From a single natural object, that can introduce a vignette to the current winter trend to an entire home filled with organic winter influences your house will echo the perfect blend of warmth and style that blur the line between outdoors and indoors! Bringing nature inside is my sixth “Must Have” for Winter!


If you love the Earth’s no-fuss beauty, then simple displays of natural design is perfect!  However, if you tend to be drawn to more glitz and glamour then you can easily achieve the natural look by adding some shine – this is simply done by enhancing the natural design with anything from ribbon and bells all the way to glitter and lights! Just like applying make-up to a natural face, you can simply add a little mascara or you can layer on the fake eye-lashes, there is no right or wrong and the sky is the limit!!!


Number Seven: Let There Be Light!

The seventh “Must Have” for this winter season is pretty simple, candles!  Who does not love a great candle?  Not only do they make fantastic gifts, everyone looks like a super model in a candle lit room! If you want to bring a cozy feeling and achieve the look of warmth into your environment during the winter months, then crab your matches and light a candle.


Ideally, I’d love to fill my home with dozens and dozens of candles without having a fire risk, but since that is not possible here is an easy tip.  I like to purchase flameless candles and use them in the background or place them in gorgeous votives like mercury glass.  Then, I use one good candle in each room of my home to give my “wonderland” a heavenly scent that is not too overpowering. I accomplish the perfect effect without much risk – this is especially important if you have kids, pets or are throwing a holiday party – no fire risk – perfecto!!!

Number Eight:  Lip-Smacking Good!

The eighth and final “Must Have” for Winter are lip-smacking but simple snacks!  If it’s just you, yourself and I or if you have an entire heard to feed these munchies will be yummy to everyone’s tummy!!!  Don’t forget the presentation of your scrumptious snacks is just important as the treat itself. If you are having a party for one be kind to yourself and put a little effort into the arrangement of your goodies. It goes without saying, if you are having friends or family over, staging your snacks is key to the overall vibe of your event – no matter how casual or grand your get-to-gather may be, remember it’s all about the appearance.


I’d love to hear from you! What are your favorite must haves for winter? I’m always looking for new ideas so leave me a comment below or follow me on one of the social network sites below and share your ideas!

Keep Dreaming Designing & Dwelling!


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Cortney Bailey is a Texan living in Los Angeles! She is a TV Host & Licensed Real Estate Agent, who is obsessed with home design and is a fitness junkie! On any given weekend you will find Cortney cheering on The Dallas Cowboys and her Alma Mater, The Baylor Bears with her 3.5 pound Yorkie, Gus sitting beside her!