SURGERY Vs. LIQUID FACELIFT: The Answer Is Written All Over Your Face By Guest Beauty Expert, Brooke Nichol R.N.


Many times a week I have clients who come in, sit in my chair, and say to me, “all I see when I look in the mirror is my mother”, and when that happens, it might be time for an intervention. You eat right, stay out of the sun, and you’re even diligent about your nightly regimen of medical grade skin care and serums and yet you still see the same thing staring back at you in the mirror; your parents.  There is only so much that lotions and potions can do before its time for minimally invasive treatments or surgical procedures.  Please don’t hear me wrong, I am a HUGE advocate of prevention and taking good care of your skin, but I am also a realist. 

Whether we want to admit it or not, AGING HAPPENS.  So what can you do about it? 

Below you will see a 68-year young client of mine who has never had ANY injections prior to our visit.  What you will notice first is her over arched brows that she subconsciously holds up to maintain her vision, making her a perfect candidate for an upper blepharoplasty (eye-lid surgery).  She is also a perfect example of who NOT to treat with neuro-modulators in the frontalis (forehead) because it will drop her lids and impede her sight.

We further discussed her options and I explained to her the amount of volume loss observed and mentioned that at her age a facelift would be a great option.  She, however, is not in the market for surgery ($7,000-$50,000) and does not want the down time that comes with the possible recovery time (2 weeks-6 months).

We discussed different filler options and what she can expect.  It has been said, for every ONE SYRINGE you erase ONE YEAR.  I injected 10 syringes and wouldn’t you agree that she looks 10 years younger!


I always start injecting at the top and work my way down for which, in most cases, allows me to use less filler.  In the end I used the following to give her the result of a “liquid facelift.”

  • VOLUMA x (4) syringes in the malar (cheek) region and mid face.
  • Juvederm Ultra Plus x (4) syringes to treat the vertical lips lines, marionette lines and pre jowl sulcus (indentions to each side of chin).  (See previous blog on the importance of foundation).   
  • Juvederm Ultra x (2) syringes in the fine lines that were etched in her skin from either expressions or loss of volume.

When it comes to Surgery Vs. Liquid facelifts, I don’t feel it is one or the other.  The answer is different for all of us and for most; a combination of both could offer the best results. 

There are so many options these days and the list is getting longer with each FDA approval of modern medicines. Along side of every laser, light, peel, potions, and lotion, there are real benefits with dermal fillers, neuro-modulators and plastic surgery. Everyone has his or her own self-critic within that will nudge you consistently when it’s your time to take action. You might even get to a point where you cannot stand to look in the mirror and THAT is your sign to act! 

Brooke Nichol R.N.

Owner/Operator of Saving Face in Austin, TX

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The Truth About Saving Face by Guest Beauty Expert Brooke Nichol R.N.


I have only discovered lately this truth about aging gracefully.  It is not about avoiding treatments, injections, or surgery it is about accepting the age you are because you feel that your insides match your out, regardless of how you get there.  So many of our shells age faster than our souls. 

I had this giant log in my eye when I would say, I’d never work with “crazy women” who get injections, and I definitely would “never get injections myself”.  I had based my judgment on women whom I had seen on TV that were overly done, had bad plastic surgery, and I considered fake.  Just recently it took letting go of the judgment of people with nice cars, for me to accept buying a luxury vehicle. Once you remove the wood in your own eye, the speck in others seems to just fade away.

We are not defined by our possessions nor do we change when we inject our face or choose to enhance our breast.  I am still the same Brooke, before Botox and fillers, just a little more confidant and a lot more accepting. 

It takes a lot of work to let go of past programming.

To start, ask yourself if your old ideals, judgments, and beliefs are serving you or others? 

Are these really something you believe or someone else’s beliefs you’ve bought into?  

When we allow ourselves permission to feel good and acknowledge that we have to look good to get there, a little modern day medicine seems a bit more practical.  Here is what you look for when attempting to save face. 

It starts in most women directly below the mid pupilary area in the mid face.  You will see a drop in the apple of the cheek and sometimes a hollowing in the tear trough.  As we age, we lose collagen and bone density while gravity pulls our faces forward and down, creating shadows in our smile lines and down the corners of our mouths.  It is my job as the practitioner, to take away the shadows and fill in the loss of volume.   I like to say, let’s put back what was there 5 years ago and sometimes we add a little “oomph” because it looks natural and makes us feel good.  Fillers or volumizers can last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years depending on the product and where it is placed. 

Neuro-modulators, like Botox, simply relax the muscle that is causing the wrinkles in your forehead, between your brows, and around your eyes.  I’ve always said, “it’s time for Botox when you can see the lines without making the face”.  Relaxing the muscles help to soften and often times erase wrinkles, preventing the lines from becoming permanent.  Treatments often last 3-4 months for most clients. 

Most women who you see on TV have been overfilled and your experience does not have to be like that.  Look at before and after pictures that were done by your provider and make a simple decision; is he or she a good fit?  If your gut is telling you no, simply say, “thank you for your time.  I’ll have to think about it” and leave. 

You are more than a number and you should feel comfortable and beyond educated before your treatment.  It’s your face, don’t go “groupon” or discount, if you don’t want discounted results. 

 3Fold Before_After

This client had lost a significant amount of weight and it showed most unflattering, in her face.  We decided to replace the volume, take away the shadows, relax the muscles in her forehead and give her a little “oomph” in her lips.  She is beyond happy with her results and now her outsides line up better with her inner self.  We didn’t change who she is, we changed how she feels. 

Next time you think saving tail is better than saving face, think again. 

 By Brooke Nichol R.N.

Owner/Operator of Saving Face in Austin, TX

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