BEAUTY, STYLE + INSPIRATION…for Spring {Sunday Affirmations}

spring_mags2013Hey Lovely Lady,

I hope you had a wonderful week.  Can you believe we are entering the final week of Feb?  I am thrilled about Spring approaching and have been browsing through all the new magazines.  My hubby has been in Australia for the past few weeks so I’ve taken advantage of having the house to myself by cleaning out some closets, dusting off my Spring accessories, started a fantastic new book and of course, watched a few of my fave Audrey Hepburn movies.  I’ve seen “Funny Face” a million times, but every single time I fall back in love with the color pink… and Paris!  I just have to share this fabulous scene from the film….


Doesn’t pink just make you feel good.  I never really wore it when I was little because I was such a tomboy.  Hmmm,  I’m thinking my new colored jeans for Spring will be bubblegum pink!  That’s my style tip for the week…..THINK PINK!  Now, for a great beauty tip this Spring, it’s time to put your tube of red aside and bring on a pouty pink lip.  Try a bright hot pink or fuchsia lipstick or gloss. This brings up a fond memory of my Grandma Betty Jo.  Her signature lip and nail color was a bold fuchsia by Estee Lauder.  She was a true fashionista!  This new Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede is suppose to be the bomb.  I plan to pick up a tube on my next trip to CVS.  I’ll let ya know what I think!

revlon_ultimate suede

Since we’re slowly coming out of hibernation, it’s also time to dust off the brain and the foggy feeling that can slow us down during the damp, cold, winter months.  Slight depression or the “winter blues” sets in because of the lack of sunshine and Vitamin D.  A few ways to pump up your Vitamin D is eating more salmon (if you aren’t a vegetarian).  It has very high amounts of Vitamin D and also taking a cod liver oil supplement.  Try to get out in the sun anytime it comes out and get as much as you can– without wearing sunscreen.  Yes, you heard your beauty guru right!  The sunscreen blocks the Vitamin D.   When we are well into Spring and the sun is out to stay, you better get that SPF on at all times.  Spring is a great time to review those goals we set on Jan 1st as well.  If you’ve started to putter out, dust off that motivation and get the pep back in your step.


  1. Make time for some “girltime”.
  2. Look over my goals and kick it into high gear. (If you’ve been slacking)
  3. Cleanse my body with fresh juice made from greens like kale, celery, spinach, etc.
  4. Exfoliate my dry winter skin from head to toe.
  5. Add more salmon to my diet.
  6. Soak up some rays.
  7. Be bold and rock a fuchsia lip.
  8. Watch a great girlie movie.
  9. Do more yoga. (yoga is great for cleansing the organs and ridding toxins)
  10. Focus more on what I do have and stop complaining about what I don’t.
  11. Do something completely out of the ordinary and girlie…like vacuum the house in a tiara! Ha!

Ba-bye February….Hello March!

Share the beauty, style + inspiration with your friends.  I really appreciate it.

Wishing you many girlie giggles, great hair days and magical moments this week.

Love, Tiff

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End of Summer Pampering + Your Sunday Eve Affirmations

Hello Gorgeous!

Who is excited to celebrate the official end of summer this holiday weekend?  Perhaps many of you are sad to see summer go. I have mixed feelings because I love the long days of sunshine, but this heat has got to go already. It has been fun to read all the comments by you mom’s on Facebook about the kids going back to school and getting more time to yourselves.  This is the PERFECT time to focus on YOU and start sprucing up your skin, hair, nails, energy level and wardrobe for Fall.  Sounds like a hefty job, but YOU ARE WORTH IT!  If you have spent too much time in the sun + chlorine, nibbling on your kids packaged snacks, exercising less and enjoying that extra summer cocktail on a regular basis– then there are a few simple tweaks we can do to get back on track!

BOOK A FACIAL:  Because we sweat more in the summer, you may notice more breakouts and blackheads.  It is great to have a professional esthetician perform any extractions, deep clean and hydrate your sun-parched skin. Plus, even if you are diligent with your sunscreen you probably picked up a few new sunspots and hyperpigmentation which can be helped with a light glycolic peel, microdermabrasion or my fave, the Hydrafacial.  You know I adore at-home facials, but I also firmly believe in treating yourself as often as you can to a professional facial. (I have to give a shout out to my amazing esthetician, Trisha Gilbert at Motykie MedSpa.  She gave me an off-the-charts end of summer Hydrafacial last week.  If you are in the greater Los Angeles area, book an appt today)

HAIR HYDRATION:  Does your hair feel like the scarecrow from Wizard of Oz?  Then it’s time to do a DEEP CONDITIONING TREATMENT.  There are several great ones on the market, but I love KERESTASE MASQUINTENSE FOR THICK HAIR the most. They also have a formula for fine hair.

EXFOLIATE + HYDRATE SKIN: There are a few different ways to exfoliate the skin which are super effective.  I just started DRY BRUSHING a few months ago and love the difference it has made in my skin. There are many important health benefits to it other than just getting the dead skin off. Dry brushing also helps stimulate the lymphatic system. You do this before you get in the shower.  Scrubs are also a great way to exfoliate and the essential oils leave your skin hydrated and feeling so soft.  There are many fantastic products from Neutrogena, Philosophy, Archipelago and even Trader Joe’s makes a great scrub!  If your skin is extremely dry, I recommend slathering on coconut oil or olive oil after showering. Use sparingly so you don’t feel like a piece of chicken ready for the frying pan!

MANI/PEDI PLUS PARAFFIN:  Remember a woman’s hands can show aging before her face, so it’s vital that we take care of them.  Treat yourself to a mani/pedi with the works (paraffin wax, hot stone, extra massage and callous remover) to get your hands and feet feeling like they belong to a lady and less like a mechanic!

DETOX/ CLEANSE:  With the fun BBQ’s, picnics and vacations, we tend to eat more snacks and drink more alcoholic beverages during the summer.  This really takes a toll on our energy, our waistline and our metabolism.  I don’t go overboard because detoxing can become stressful.  Instead we need to look at it as a form of self- love and nurturing our body and organs and not as a “diet”.  A few simple things we can alter is the obvious: Lay off the alcohol, additional sugary drinks + snacks, any processed/ packaged foods, excess dairy, wheat, meat.  Implement juicing into your daily routine.  It does wonders for your organs and energy levels.  Eat more fresh raw foods.  You should be drinking a protein shake daily, but if not- I highly recommend starting the day with one filled with super greens, antioxidant supplements and either blueberries or strawberries. (REMINDER: If you have specific health issues like heart or thyroid problems or diabetes– you must consult your physician before trying any diet or cleanse)

WARDROBE DETOX:  Plan an afternoon to go through your wardrobe and determine what needs to stay, what needs to go and what needs to be moved to another closet.  I did this last week and it felt awesome!  I was able to see what items I needed to get for Fall and what I what I needed to give away.  Then I hit a few of my fave stores and strategically purchased what I needed. This really saves time + money.  Here’s my webisode on the topic in case you missed it: 

Your Sunday Eve Affirmations.


  1. Pamper myself.
  2. Follow my bliss.
  3. Smile more.
  4. Love + Laugh harder.
  5. Try a new workout class.
  6. Embrace my own unique kind of beauty.
  7. Celebrate my life instead of complain about it.
  8. Rock a killer boot.
  9. Read a spiritually rich book.
  10. Count my blessings every single day.
  11. Put my shoulders back, walk tall + shine my light!

Do you have a great end-of-summer beauty tip that you swear by? Comment + Share!

Wishing you all a fun and safe Labor Day and a Spectacular September ahead!

The new Fall webisodes will be up soon. Stay Tuned!

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High Five + A Hip Bump,