Turn Your Brain Off

Photo by Ali Kaukas


Hey Kindred Spirits!

July is nearly over. So crazy. I just returned from a blissful 4-day trip up to Northern Michigan to visit my besties home state and favorite lakes.


Unplugged. (meaning I did not get on a laptop or even an iPad) 

Sat in silence. 

Turned my brain off. 

Had a PJ dance party. 

Dug my toes in the sand. 

Watched ducks. 

Watched the sun set. 

Watched an animated movie.


Took a Sunday drive in the rain. 

Sat on a boat. 

Browsed antique shops.

Did not count calories. 

Rarely checked the clock, email, Instagram and totally ignored Facebook. 


Shouldn’t life be more like this on a daily basis, not just vacay. This is why we have already planned our next trip to Australia this year. I just stumbled upon a fantastic article that echoes my sentiments 100% and had to share. Be cautious as it’s filled with curse words, but I’m leaving the article as is to respect the author and you know I’m not afraid of a few “punchy” words for emphasis.


Written by Janne Robinson for ThoughtCatalog.com // 

The thing that gets the most under my skin is walking around the world and seeing people who have stopped living.

I see them on buses and in restaurants and walking on the street and it fucking devastates me.

It’s fucking miserable.

It’s a club 70% of our world has prescribed to.

I went to shake them and light a fire in their eyes.

You must quit the life you hate to start living.

I was talking with somebody last week about somebody changing careers and they said, “If I was them I would just lie down, take it and work for another 10 years even if I hated it, just to retire. They’re so close. Why start again?”

Every molecule in my being detested those words.

It makes my hackles raise and my mouth froth resent.

Doing the movements–the degree/the debt, the office job, the pension, the mortgage, waking up everyday hating a job you have to work to support the house you didn’t really want to buy and the degree you didn’t really use for the pension you’ll never use because you’ll get a disease from your misery and die before you can enjoy it isn’t living.

Whatever asshole told you that, lied.

I’m sorry—but its all absolute bollux and you need to start again.

Our generation is blessed with living in a world where we can do whatever the hell we want–we can pull jobs out of our assholes and throw pasta on walls.

There are kids pranking their moms on their Youtube channels getting paid 60,000 a video off advertising.

We live in a cool time–are you aware of what we can do, what you can do?


Was I right or was I right? Too good not to share!
Happy Humpday.
Share your 2-cents and have a joy-filled rest of July.