BUNDLE UP IN STYLE: Tiff’s 4 Favorite Coats For 2015


L : Editorial shot from L’Officiel de la Mode n. 596, 1972. R:  Italian stylist Giovanna Battaglia, New York F/W 13 Fashion Week.

I absolutely love coats which is ironic because I absolutely hate cold weather. The one good thing about living in Dallas is being able to actually wear a coat. In my 15+ years in California, I probably wore a coat a total of hmmmm- five times. The temps have dropped to the low 40’s here in Dallas and I’m excited to pull out my new coats. Since I rarely wore them in LA, coats were never on my Fall ‘must have‘ list. My coat closet was full of old boring coats so this year I went on the hunt to freshen it up.  Here’s my top picks:



Burgundy is making a big splash this Fall and I think it’s a nice change from our staple cropped black leather jackets. But, treat it like your black jacket and wear it with everything and every color.  I found a great  faux leather jacket on Amazon for only $45 for you ladies who prefer a vegan option.   The jacket I bought is a wool and faux fur mixed texture by BCBG. I scored it for 70% off! (image below)





As you can see from the image at the top of the post, a leopard coat is always in style. It looks great with everything from casual denim to dressed up with an LBD. I picked up this one on Amazon Fashion. It’s under $100, super warm and cozy and a timeless shape I will be able to wear for years. A total investment piece!



The puffer coat gets hot every few years just like leopard, but it really never goes out of style. I love to wear a puffer vest over my workout clothes or on a power walk when it’s chilly out. This quilted style with faux fur hoodie is so cute, chic and comfy. I bought black, but it comes in several colors.The gold hardware gives it a more expensive look even though it’s under $30.




As you know, I am a faux fur fanatic and have several cropped jackets in white and black, but this year it’s all about the shades of gray. From pale dove gray to darker pewter, make sure to add this to your winter wardrobe. I picked up a marbled gray with all shades of gray and love it!

What’s your favorite coat for Winter 2015?

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Love, Tiff


Say Bye Bye to the Big Black Coat!


Check out the latest webisode for a few great options to wear over your cocktail dresses this season and say “SEE YA” to that ugly clunky black coat! 

My fave option is a winter white coat!  Remember if you are brunette- a lighter coat will make you stand out more!

CHANGE- do you need to make one?

As the year is winding down- are you sensing it’s time to make some changes?  To rearrange some things, refocus on your vision, let go of things that no longer serve your highest good!  We always hear “don’t look in the past”, but sometimes it’s healthy to look back and take an inventory of things we may need to change.  I definitely sense a shift taking place and have learned to get excited about the possibility of CHANGE!   Yes, change can be scary at times, but by taking a leap of faith and getting “un-stuck” in certain areas allows you to grow to new levels in life.   In the long run, it’s scarier to stay the same!  The definition of change is “to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone, to transform”.   I love love love the word “transform”!   

I even took a leap of faith with my hair recently.  I wanted a new, fresh look and just grabbed the scissors and whacked my bangs!   I didn’t want to think too long about it and analyze myself out of doing it.  I was nervous because I wasn’t sure what my hubby would think or my agents or producers or even my BFF…then I thought “why the heck should I care what anyone else thinks anyway, right”?  WHAT CHANGES DO YOU WANT TO MAKE IN 2012?  Please comment and let us know.

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God Bless,