EXTENDING! BOGO Coaching Sessions With Tiff



Happy Christmas Week Lovies!

Several of you have taken the step to invest in yourself by booking sessions with me. Thank you for taking a stand for YOU and your own greatness! It is such an honor to walk side by side with you on this journey. Iron sharpens iron and none of us can become our best selves by ourselves!

A few of you have messaged me saying they needed a little more time because of the holiday budget. I GET IT and do not want anyone to miss this opportunity so I’m extending this offer.

Do not allow another year to go by in the same place you’re in now? 2017 is right around the corner and I know you have those goals to set, fears to overcome and a breakthrough waiting for you.

Do you feel fulfilled? What’s missing in your life?
Have you lost passion? What are you passionate about?
Can you visualize yourself as your very best (and most powerful) self? 

I can help you get ready. I can help you get motivated. I can help you build more confidence!

To make it easier on you to take that step forward, I’m offering a holiday special on private sessions. Buy one private session and get one session. ($300 Value for $150) Let’s work together for 2 hours for the price of 1 hour. 

Special offer ends Dec 31, 2016.
Sessions must be used by March 31, 2017. 

Skype sessions available for out of towners.



Do You Need To ReLaunch Your Life?



Do you feel stuck? I did for a long time!

Do you sense that the path you’re on is taking you in the wrong direction? Whew, I was way off track! 

Do you secretly desire a new career path, but the fear of the uncertainty paralyzes you? Fear was my middle name for years! 

Do you numb yourself and the fear with over spending, food, alcohol or too much television? I did all of the above! 


I’m honored to have been asked to share my life experience and a few deeper parts of my journey to creating SOS – on the hit iTunes radio show, RELAUNCH! with Joel Boggess and Dr. Pei Kang. Joel is a life coach and the author of the #1 Amazon bestselling book – Finding your Voice.  Pei is a business executive and a gifted endodontist (root canal specialist) and yoga instructor.

I know Joel and Pei would love it if you subscribed and shared their iTunes show with your friends who need this type of inspiration! 

As much I love working on camera, radio sure was fun and can be done without makeup! Holla!  This is a special episode to me as I have only shared some of these experiences here on the blog with you…so I would really appreciate if you made a comment and let me know your thoughts on the subject. I know God is opening the door and giving me the courage to share more of my story publicly.  

Please don’t go another day living with your dreams dormant inside you! 

Release the fear & relaunch, sista. If you need my personalized, private mentoring to guide you in this area- please contact me for details and pricing. Serious inquiries only. If you are not ready to do the work it takes to create lasting results – a coach or mentor will not help you!  



Love, Tiff