YOU ARE A WORK OF ART…. so stop the comparison!

Hi Lovelies,

I just have a quick love note today reminding you how special, unique, blessed and marvelous you are.  If we all truly owned that fact, we would STOP the madness of comparing ourselves to others.  Do you compare yourself to your friends or models or celebrities?  Comparison will suck the joy right out of you and leave you with a constant feeling of being “less than”.  If you are always looking at how everyone else looks, what they are achieving or what car they are driving– you will stay distracted and stuck.  STOP THE MADNESS NOW!  You are a Child of God.  Yes, YOU!  You were designed– from the way your lip turns up when you smile, the way your hugs make people feel loved, the way your laugh is a tad too loud, the way you have the ability to balance a budget with your eyes closed, the way your broad shoulders make you look strong– and on and on!  Everything about you makes up one pretty amazing work of art.  You have gifts, talents and characteristics that are yours and yours alone.  There is no one on earth exactly like you…….so you know what that means?  Comparison goes right out the window.  

Are you comfortable in your own skin?  Do you constantly seek approval and feed off of others complimenting you and when they don’t you, you feel deflated.   I know all about it!  I was that to a “T”.  I never felt happy with myself.  Plus, I worked in the very industry where the judging of your appearance determines whether or not you get the job.  Can you imagine 15 years of auditions and castings where you are basically sized up and compared to whatever “image” the client needed for their project.  You may not be tall enough, skinny enough,  young enough, etc.  No wonder I almost became a drug addict until I realized my worth lies in the truth that I am a precious Child of God. Period.

If you battle with comparison and competition, please free yourself girlfriend.  Life is too short to live another day not appreciating yourself and OWNING your uniqueness.  Also, appreciate others for their beauty, originality and brilliance instead of wanting to be like them. 

This past week, I was a guest speaker at the Willow Tree Women’s Circle for a discussion titled “Fabulous Not Frumpy”.   I was asked the question, “how do we stop comparing ourselves to the images we see in the media”?  One thing I mentioned and I wanted to remind you all today since the Oscars are coming up this weekend….. all of those gorgeous celebrities you will see on the red carpet look perfect because they have a massive team of people helping them.   They have hairstylists, makeup artists, wardrobe stylist, fitness trainers, botox injectors, estheticians, nutritionists and who knows what else I’m leaving out.  They have been starving themselves for the past month.  Getting spray tanned.  Having their dress altered to fit them perfectly.  So, remember when they go home after it’s all over– they will be just like you and me in their sweats, with their hair on top of their head with a zit on their face having to change a dirty diaper if they are a new mom.  Many of them are because I remember last award season there were several preggars celebrities on the red carpet.  We can “celebrate” their beauty and talent, but remember they are just people complete with cellulite and issues, too.  Don’t compare yourself to them in their expensive couture gown when you are sitting there watching from the couch in your sweats and not a stitch of makeup on.  Ya hear!   Ok- so this post ended up not being all that quick. LOL!


I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

Leave a comment and let me know your 2-cents.

Happy Humpday!  Step out today and turn up your wattage. 


Rock your confidence today.  It’s a must-have accessory!

Love, Tiff


Hmmm, can a woman’s arms be too ripped?

Hey SOS Vixens!

As many of us are in the quest to reach our goal weight and optimal fitness- how far is too far?  Can a woman get too ripped? 


In this candid,  behind-the-scenes webisode, Plus Size Expert Marcy Guevara and Makeup Artist Vio Meyners chat about whether or not female TV Hosts should reveal their bare arms on camera. They bring up how ripped Kelly Ripa’s arms are and if that makes her unrelatable to viewers.


Here’s my two cents: 

I actually love a sexy, toned, muscular arm on a woman!  Over the years, I have gone through phases where I wanted really rock hard arms then decided I like the way yoga kept my arms long and lean without the bulk.  I gain muscle really easy and have to be careful with weights.  At the end of the day, we all have to be able to look at ourselves in the mirror and like that chick staring back at us.  Whether you prefer a more soft, womanly appearance or a strong, muscular look-  DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY!   But, remember keeping our arms toned now will help how we look when we’re older.  You know the old arm wave and the bra overhang is not so pretty!

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THE VERY 1st TOPIC GEARED FOR GUYS! How to apply makeup for on camera appearances + auditions

I’m thrilled to finally give the guys some tips they requested!  Yes, believe it or not- I have had several guys ask me to do a webisode on makeup for camera!  With all the HD video cameras today, even the guys need to apply makeup to hide imperfections and get rid of shine.  My go-to-girl, Vio Meyners of gives us 3 simple steps any guy can do!


New webisodes coming up!  What topic would you like discussed?

Thank you all for supporting SOS.  Remember we are all here with the common goal of helping one another be the best we can be!  Like my dear friend Brooke Barlow said- “Women (and men) have to look good, to feel good, in order to do good..and we all want to do good”.

Confidence is a must have accessory!  Never leave home with out!   Love, Beauty + Inspiration, Tiff


How to use bronzers, highlighters and self-tanners to get that gorgeous glow for summer!

I’m so excited to introduce you to beautiful & brilliant makeup artist, VIO MEYNERS of   In the latest webisode, she shares the bronzers she has in her professional makeup kit as well as a few self-tanners she uses personally.  From powders to liquids to what she calls “The Mother of All Bronzers” there is something for every skin type!  Make sure to check out her tutorial video’s for some easy and informative tips!



Here’s a few closeups:


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  • NEVER ABANDON YOURSELF TO PLEASE ANOTHER (Mastin Kipp) This is the worst kind of abandonment. Today, let’s not worry about the opinion of others. Let’s not give our power away because we feel we need the approval of other people.  Say YES to ourselves, and NO to the world, if need be…and not feel bad about it!



WATCH NEW WEBISODE  (Beware, if you have a young son hanging around the computer…you may want to watch this when he’s not around)

You know I LOVE talking about clothes, shoes, accessories and all that jazz, but what we have on UNDERNEATH our fabulous outfit is just as important.   The undergarment business is huge with more selection than ever!

  • In order for your tops to fit their best, you must wear the appropriate bra! 
  • For that beautiful dress to flow just right on your hips and accent the silhouette, you should wear Spanx or some sort of Shapewear.  
  • For low-slung jeans,  you should wear panties that lay flat on your skin and have a lower rise in the crotch. 
  • For the sundress that you can’t wear a bra with, you have a few options for self-adhesive covers.

Our bodies, our boobies and our booties come in all shapes and sizes so find what works best for you!   I’m giving you a rundown of my fav’s and what works for me.   As I always say, “take it all with a grain of salt” because what works for one does not work for all.  If you have found a fabulous bra or lingerie piece, PLEASE COMMENT + SHARE WITH US!


We’re taping some fabulous + fun new webisodes throughout June! 

I’m excited to introduce you to makeup artist Vio Meyners of Violetartistry,

Singer/songwriter Lauren de Miranda,

Marcy Guevara from VH1’s Your Cut Off & Marcy the Matchmaker and

I’ll be interviewing the fabulous Trisha Gilbert, Licensed Aesthetician at Motykie MedSpa’s Night Of Beauty.  I’m so excited for her to show you my fav facial, the HYDRAFACIAL!  It rocks!



This lil light of mine…I’m gonna let it shine..sing with me!



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