ROCK THE BELLS: Tiff’s Favorite Spring Trend

Go with me on a journey back in time. Regardless of your age, I’m sure you remember seeing reruns of Charlie’s Angels. How fabulous were their clothes!?! Can you visualize Farah Fawcett running in slow motion with her hair waving in the wind while wearing the most fabulous bell bottoms or jumpsuit? If you’ve been part of SOS for a while you have heard me give a shout out once or twice to the 70′ s style. It’s my favorite look and I’m thrilled that the flared bell bottom jeans are kicking skinnies to the curb. Finally, our calves can breath again! Since I am such a fan, I’ve done the research for you and found the top 3 brands who rock the bells the best. If you can, try a pair with a higher waist. This fit isn’t for everyone, but it’s the true 70’s vibe!

1) J. BRAND “Babe” Bell



2) PAIGE DENIM “Bell Canyon” High Rise Flare



3) HUDSON “Taylor High Waist Flare” 



Here’s a flashback to one of my very 1st videos. The 70’s are obviously here to stay so just add your own modern twist:


Will you rock the bells this Spring?

What’s your favorite trend for 2015?

Keep steppin’….Keep struttin’ sistas!

Love, Tiff 


A Lil Beauty, Style + Inspiration. Love, Tiff

Hello Sweet Sistas!

I’ve been MIA due to being severely spoiled for my birthday last week. They say everything is bigger in Texas and my hubby, family & besties blew my mind with a Texas size week-long celebration. So here’s some beauty, style and inspiration to kick off the last week of August.


I had minimal time to style my hair for a fancy birthday dinner and attempted to copy a rocker chignon by the fabulous Canadian Hairstylist of the Year (4 x’s) Rocky Vitelli. Super fun and simple. Side-swiped bangs, low side pony then divide the pony in 2 sections. Wrap one section around the ponytail holder and pin. Do it again with the 2nd section. Leave a few hairs loose and messy for an edgy look. Voila! 



While I was shopping the end of Summer sales (remember it’s one of the best times to shop because stores need to make room for all the new Fall merchandise) I scored at Nordstrom Rack. never underestimate the power of a bold blazer, v- neck tee and skinny jeans- Paige Denim originally $239 for ONLY $30! Paige Denim is one of my favorite denim brands because they are cut so flattering and made with durable & stretchy fabric.




This is a beautiful & powerful affirmation for us all to take into the week ahead…


Who aspires this with me?

Enjoy the last week of Summer sistas.

Love, Tiff