Happy Monday Darlin’!

Last week, I was honored to be given the opportunity to share my story and empowerment tips with a women’s group called Equipped By Faith led by my dear girlfriend, Sabrina Harrison. We wanted to make the evening interactive with a Q & A session. It was so powerful! Every woman in the room instantly connected and felt safe to share their personal experiences as well.

A question Sabrina asked me has been resonating with me which meant I just had to share it with you sistas.

What advice would you give to other women who are looking for their purpose in life?

There were 4 steps that came to mind when I thought back to my searching and seeking season. I wasn’t sure what my purpose for a very long time and I always say, “Sometimes when we’re running from our past, we run smack into our purpose”. For me, that means that my past– all the experiences (good & bad)– played into me finally stepping into my purpose. I was HURT, went through HEALING and then was ready to HELP other women get here as well.

1st) Always seek God to reveal it to you (Matthew 6:33-34). Invite God into your vision board process. You were born with purpose and destiny and God is the one who placed it inside you. Always seek the One who created you to find out what you were created for.

2nd) Pay attention to the things that light you up.  What are you passionate about?  Webster defines passion as: a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something. When I’m coaching or speaking, I get so lit up on the inside that I feel like I’m buzzing. I don’t have to pee and I don’t feel hungry. I am so focused and passionate about on my purpose for that specific session/ event/ workshop. I’m present and not distracted (and I am easily distracted.. SQUIRREL!!). Pay attention to all of these things.

3rd) Look back at what you wanted to be at 10 years old. I wanted to be a teacher and an actress. What do those things have in common? They’re communicators. We can get so shifted by what our parents want us to do or get distracted by what your friends are doing, but you need to focus on what God has called YOU to do. Whether I am on Real Housewives, Sanctuary Of Style, teaching workshops or coaching clients– I am a communicator and open up others to communicate.

4th) How can you make the greatest impact and add value to others? I am passionate about women. I began having a deep desire to add value to and enrich women’s lives. The clearer I was about this passion, the more peace flooded into my life and spirit. (Remember, I’ve been transparent about my past with anti-depressants and anti-anxiety RX’s! I don’t think I ever felt a day of peace in my 20’s). In 2007, I was so hungry and eager to get out there and find women I could help. I started with what was logical to me at the time so I looked up modeling schools, charities geared for women and clothing boutiques. Your purpose is always linked to adding value and being of service to others in some capacity.

Pray for laser beam focus.

Focus on what God has for you every single day.

God divinely orders your steps.

Pay attention. 

Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by little things that will derail you from your purpose. For example, I keep my phone on silent when I’m working on my blog (like right now), on a Skype session with a client, having a lunch with a good friend, quality time with my husband, etc. The phone can be our biggest distraction these days! There are exceptions– I know you mama’s need to have your phone on so your kids can reach you. But, if you’re always on the phone scrolling through social media or texting with people who do not need your immediate attention– you could miss out on God appointments even important moments with your kids!

Stepping into your purpose and destiny can be difficult. Everyone wants to find their purpose. What they are really searching for is happiness and joy. I am a MUCH happier, joy-filled gal because I’m living my purpose. Just because you find your purpose doesn’t mean you’re floating around on a cloud wearing a pink tutu and all of a sudden life is grand. Purpose-driven appointments will put you in situations where you have to be bold and face your fears–BUT that, my dear, is where the magic to life is.

Remember, being peaceful is being powerful. That’s a #Tiffirmation y’all. 

Trusting the process,



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PEACEFUL IS POWERFUL {Sunday Affirmations}


Happy Sunday Sistas!

Do you notice how so many things seem to go wrong when you are frazzled? It begins with burning yourself with the curling iron which makes you run late for work. Then, to add to the time crunch, you’re running around the house like a banshee looking for your keys. You speed out of the driveway and get ticked at every driver you pass who may actually be going the speed limit, but to you- it’s like they are trying to personally sabotage your day. You enter your place of work with an intense anxiety that has built up like Mt. St. Helens. WATCH OUT! Whoever crosses your path may get a dose of your hot lava! Your frenetic energy creates tension wherever you go. Your lack of peace is like a repellent and people steer clear of you. Your power is gone. 


Do you hit the snooze button several times then barely have time to put on your makeup? What’s better… that extra 15 minutes of sleep or getting up on time and starting your day in peace and walking out of the house confidently? Do you look at your phone or check emails first thing in the morning? You know how that goes… you get an email from your drama queen co-worker which throws you into a tailspin before you even have your first cup of coffee. Are you allowing your kid’s cranky morning mood to set the tone for your day? Perhaps- all of the above? Sista- this is no way to live!


I lived my life in a continuous tailspin for years and got a bad case of ulcers from it. When you aren’t at peace, there is this constant rumbling in your spirit as if the dormant volcano is about to come to life at any moment. WHO FEELS ME? I made poor decisions when I was frazzled. I used the wrong tone of voice with people…which is SO not pretty. Being frazzled is not being FABULOUS. I gave my peace away…I gave my POWER away…and allowed others to control my emotional state. NO MORE!

It took years of reprogramming and changing my ways. From starting the day in prayer/journaling, giving myself plenty of time to get dressed and not allowing other’s emotions to trip me up- I can handle the day from a place of power instead of a place of anxiety, stress and turmoil. Of course, there are days that peace seems impossible to find and the banschee comes out in me and yep, I usually blame it on PMS…don’t you? (wink)


  1. Recover from my addiction to the snooze button.
  2. Give gratitude for the day as soon as one eye opens in the AM.
  3. Be FAB not frazzled.
  4. Cherish myself with a moment of quiet before checking the phone.
  5. Not allow others to steal my peace…not even my kids!
  6. Stop the internal volcano by dousing it with a big helping of tranquility.
  7. Give myself plenty of time to get dressed.
  8. Say ba-bye to my banshee.
  9. Free myself from the control of others. It’s my choice! 
  10. Surrender + remember God is in control.
  11. Handle everything that comes my way because I am POWERFUL!


Did this resonate with you? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Cheers to a peaceful + powerful week!

Love, Tiff