BE IRRESISTABLE by Plus-Size Style Expert Marcy Guevara


Yves Saint Laurent once said,  “I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful, but also to reassure them, give them confidence.”

What is confidence?  Can it be bought?  Can it be taught?

As a plus-size style expert, women of all sizes ask me, more than anything, WHERE I FIND MY CONFIDENCE.  I believe that SELF-ESTEEM and CONFIDENCE is something you have 100% control and power over in your life.

Here are three quick tips for starting to cultivate confidence:

First, it is important to acknowledge a few things you love about yourself.  You have to love the skin you’re in, because if you don’t no one will.  We all have problem areas, start to focus on your “positive areas”.  The more you complain about your thighs won’t make them thinner, so take a walk instead.  Your thighs may never get smaller, but the feelings of accomplishment, the fresh air and the energy you’ll feel after the walk are priceless!

Second, train yourself to be confident.  Everyday so many thoughts run through our minds that are negative, self-hating, self-shaming and cause us to break down.  You must begin to take these thoughts captive and replace them with loving and positive thoughts.

Third, affirm yourself.  Stop waiting for the recognition of others and affirm yourself. I love using affirmations to start my day. Write a few on a mirror or on a card you place on your desk or car and use them to build yourself up.  They can be as simple as “I love me” or as intricate as “I am an interesting, beautiful and unique person with lots to offer the world”. Get creative!

I LOVE ME Challenge 2013

How we portray ourselves to others attracts business, love, prosperity… draw people in with your confidence.  BE IRRESISTABLE. You have control over this. I hope you will take these thoughts and give yourself the grace to be a work in progress.  Take this challenge one day at a time so eventually you become the BEST you.

Marcy Guevara is a stylist, host and motivational speaker.  Connect with her at