Meet the Fabulous Teri Chadwick Edwards! Winner of the SOS Beach Bag Giveaway

I was so thrilled to see Teri’s name drawn as our winner!  She has been a supporter of SOS since the very beginning and encouraged me through that long process I went through for the Oprah Show finals last year.  


1. Tell us a lil about yourself.   Im a mom, wife, and part time personal trainer.
2.  Who/what inspires you? All of my clients that lose so much weight. – I know they are dedicated -they look at me w/ that Eye of the Tiger and say BRING IT T!  Im kind of a “Jillian” -I have no problem yelling and screaming at them -because I know they can do it , they just need  a push and someone to believe in them!  After the tears or sick feeling – I give them a big hug cause I know they gave me 100%…thats all I ask – and thats w/ my boys also.
3. How would you describe your personal style?  Mostly  “mom wear”  or gym clothes -but when I do go out w/ the girls -I love to dress GIRLY- High heels etc. 

4. As a busy mom, how do you add a bit of glamour to your life everyday?  Being a busy mom the only thing I can do is mascara, eyeliner and  pink Mac lipstick – Per my twitter name – PinkandPainmom.
5. A quote or motto you live by?  My favorite quote is one I taught my 3 boys-NEVER BACK DOWN!

A BIG CONGRATS TERI!  Thank you for your support and for being an inspiration to us all! 

Sharing the love, beauty + inspiration, Tiff



Jennifer is a true inspiration and the epitome of a woman who “HAS IT ALL”!   This blonder stunner is 38 years old and resides in Crosby, TX (which is a stone’s throw from my hometown) with her hubby, Dan of 14 1/2 years and 2 beautiful daughters,  ages 14 and 8.


What do you like to do?  Career and hobbies?

In December, I left my career of 15 years as a Sales Manager for an Industrial Firm in the petrochemical industry to stay at home with my family and help Dan in our restaurant here in Crosby, Crawfish Shack.  We are incredibly blessed to have a booming business and are doing what we enjoy in life!  It’s a seasonal business (Jan-June), so July-December we enjoy some family time, real estate ventures, traveling, RVing, exercise, ATV’s, just about anything in the sunshine and together!

How do you add a bit of style to your life everyday? 

I try to take time for myself each day to look and feel pretty…it’s important for me and my husband.  I am very passionate about my skin care.   My personal style is usually sophisticated, but feminine and sweet.  Accessorizing is fun!  And being from the South…you know just the right hair style is always important!

CONGRATS JEN!   She won a Swag Bag filled with several of my fav things like Aveeno Positively Radiant SPF 30, Voluminous Mascara, OPI Nailpolish, Voluspa Candle, Louis Hay Power Thought Cards…and more!  PLUS, a whopping $125 worth of fabulous SALERM NY hair & beauty care products!

Jen’s life reminds me of one of my fav songs by Sugarland, “I ain’t settlin’ for anything less than EVERYTHING”!     If you haven’t heard’s the video!  The lyrics are awesome!

If you’re ever in Texas, just South of Houston off of I-10, stop by CRAWFISH SHACK (during season, of course)