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Do you have a question about ACCESSORIES…belts, scarves, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, scarves, etc and how to wear them?  Ask now or forever hold your peace!

We’re finally able to shoot a few new webisodes this week! (Yippeee! Forgive the delay- we’re swamped with my hubby’s music campaign right now)

Also, what are your BEAUTY DILEMMAS? The main issue I am constantly asked about is adult acne and I will touch on that for sure.


I will be on the road for about 6 weeks this Fall so I want to make sure I get you girls a good dose of SOS before I leave!   Don’t worry, we will be taping some fun videos from the road too.  Ask anything and I will do my best to answer your questions and head you in the right direction. Comment here on the blog or on the FACEBOOK PAGE.

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5 Fabulous Fall Styles (plus a few extras)

Hello Beautiful!

WooHoo!  Get ready to SHOP YOUR CLOSET!  Most of the looks for Fall 2011 are repeats and carried over from last Fall.  There are a few stand out colors for this Fall- MUSTARD GOLD & PEACOCK TEAL-  that you can simply add with a blouse or scarf.   In this week’s webisode, Stylist & Image Consultant, Hannah Hilburn and I give your our Top 5 Faves for Fall.



Everyone looks stunning in TEAL.   Get a beautiful blouse or scarf for an instant REGAL look- feel like a QUEEN!

Now this color is a bit tricky- MUSTARD YELLOW.  It’s the hottest color this Fall, but unfortunately- it doesn’t suit everyones skintone!  Make sure it’s vivid- not pale and muted.  Pair it with brown, khaki, metallic bronze or wine colors.


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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I know we have all been directly or indirectly effected by this disease.  Thoughts and prayers go out to our Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Aunts, Girlfriends and Co-workers.  Please remember your routine self exams!  *********************************************************************

“DON’T PLAY SMALL! STAND UP! TAKE CHARGE! You are doing yourself & others a disservice by catering your actions towards how you THINK others will react. When you are simply being yourself you will ATTRACT everything that is in alignment with who YOU truly are. You will be shocked to see who drops away. Their absence will leave a space for NEW & AMAZING relationships to enter your life. Just be YOU & let everyone else do what they may. You will be rewarded for your COURAGE”. – Jackson Kiddard

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