Amazing Project..Grateful to be part of!

I was asked to be part of an amazing project by The Laughing Cow Cheese Company.  They chose 5 women bloggers from all over the US to tape a 4 minute webisode on what they are passionate about.   I discussed my passion to help teenage girls and the empowerment day camps I want to start!   The campaign starts April 4th (my daddy’s bday) and runs through mid-July on, and  DECA.TV shot it and Jill Simonian hosted..amazing day with an amazing crew!  This experience really lit a fire in me to get these camps going.  We had a blast with the girls and believe they enjoyed it too!  It was a very blessed day…

MACADAMIA OIL…Better than Moroccan Oil…I SWEAR!!!

By now, you have heard of the amazing hair product in the turquoise and orange packaging called Moroccan Oil.  It is great….but I have been introduced to something even better!  Yes, I’m serious….BETTER!  It’s a new line called MACADAMIA OIL.  I have been using the oil, oil spray and deep conditioner for about 2 weeks and love the way my hair looks and feels..


The Macadamia Natural Oil™ line of professional hair care products combines two of the world’s most valuable and beneficial oils, Macadamia and Argan, to provide the ultimate in hair rejuvenation and maintenance.

For centuries, alchemist and healers worldwide have turned to nature’s rich resources for their medicinal powers.

Macadamia NutsMacadamia nuts fresh off a tree

With the oil from the macadamia nut found throughout the South Pacific and the uniquely rare argan seeds of Morocco, nature has provided us with some of the most beneficial elements for healthful skin and hair. Macadamia Natural Oil™ products combine the oils of these highly nutritional nuts with special blends of nature’s most nourishing botanicals to formulate the ultimate in hair rejuvenation and maintenance.

This is the essence of nature. This is the beauty of Macadamia – the secret to healthy hair.



The History


For thousands of years, Australian aborigines have consumed the macadamia nut for its high nutritional value and health-promoting benefits. Today, macadamia oil is widely revered for its incredible benefits to hair, skin and overall health by promoting shiny hair and radiant skin.

A woman grinding Argan nutsA woman grinding argan nuts

Argan seed oil, known as “liquid gold” to Moroccans, has been used by countless generations for its beneficial use in skin, hair, nail and therapeutic treatments. This rare and difficult to obtain oil restores shine and softness to dry, brittle hair while nourishing hair damaged by chemical services.

Together, macadamia oil and argan oil replenish the hair’s natural emollients with the high content of essential fatty acids found naturally in both of these exceptional oils. The combined benefits help to nourish and protect the hair from harmful UV rays while repairing hair follicles for improved elasticity and shine.

I love that this company has made it easy for customers to purchase products directly from their website.   Go to the site now and…


Get Hooked Pack


Get Hooked Pack

Get Hooked on more Macadamia Natural Oil for an unbelievable price. a $32.75 value for $17.50!




UnZipped Charity Event in Fayetteville a total success!

I had a blast at the UnZipped Charity Event in Fayetteville, AR!   There was a fabulous turnout to honor and raise awareness for the 7 Hills Homeless Center for Veterans.  The cool boutique MACA, provided the clothing for the event and set up a mobile boutique.  A percentage of the sales that evening went to 7 Hills.  The band North Shore Pharmacy out of Chicago performed and rocked the house!  I would like to thank Heather Fallen, owner of Stage 28 Talent & Eyes On NWA for inviting me!  Her crew was a blast to work with and Fayetteville now holds a special place in my heart!