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Since recreating my “closet room sanctuary” in Dallas, it has been a challenge to organize all of my accessories after losing a full wall to a massive window. Darn that window! I’ve realized one of the keys to getting dressed quickly and effortlessly is having certain accessories out so I can see them. If they are tucked away in a cupboard or drawer, I forget about them. Out of sight, out of mind! Also, to keep things clutter-free, I prefer to only have the things out that I actually wear or I get rid of them. I have done more closet cleansing and purging than I care to count. Did you catch my closet organization video? Most of my girlfriends are out there rockin’ an item or two from me.

There are many cute organizers out there for scarves, sunglasses, necklaces, etc…but, either they took up too much space or didn’t fit in my new smaller closet room. FINALLY, after the second visit to The Container Store in search of the perfect way to organize my sunglasses & necklaces – I found these great Deko System grids in the kitchen section. They come in a few different sizes in either the industrial silver look (which I preferred) or the white polytherm coated. Create it to fit your needs with various gadgets, hooks and shelves.

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The perfect spot for it in my closet room is behind the door. I can still see it, but it’s tucked slimly keeping the room looking clean & organized. I love being able to grab my shades and neck candy for the day and I’m out the door! With the grid and a few packages of hooks, I paid a bit over $20. 

What are you up to this weekend? May be a good time for a closet project and do a mid-year closet spruce up to get it ready for those new Fall pieces come Sept. 

Be Fab,

Tiff Xo