SNEAK PEEK: My Wearable Inspiration


After years of sharing my heartfelt and somewhat sarcastic affirmations – now cleverly called #TIFFIRMATIONS– I’m tickled to death to finally launch my product line starting with T-shirts like any good Bravo housewife would. LOL!

On April 11th to celebrate the premier of Real Housewives Of Dallas, I’ll be launching a limited edition of the first 2 styles:




If you’ve been a part of the sista’hood for a while, you know how passionate and down right obsessed I am with positive affirmations. I write them all over the place, put them on vision boards, hang them on my bathroom mirror so why not wear them too?!  It’s all about using every tool possible to help us keep our minds on track so we can be our MOST FABULOUS!

I’m so excited about this message too. No more fear, be fierce instead.  I’ll be releasing FIERCE & Hot Mess/Message later in April:



This is the beginning of the product line I have been dreaming of and developing the past few years. It’s all an extension of what I’ve built with you all here on SOS!  ((Chills)) Can’t believe it’s finally happening. Many of you have been asking for tee’s and journals for a while. Thanks for your patience. Timing is everything! The time is NOW.

I must thank you all for inspiring me to grow and step out of my comfort zone. We’re all walking tall together! 

The first 2  #TIFFIRMATION TEE’S will be available on my Shopify store via on April 11th.

Go grab your lady balls and dare to be brave!

Love, Tiff