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Hello Gorgeous!

Sharing my post from Instagram here on the blog because many of you may need this message and are not on IG. Please comment and share your thoughts: 


I loooove face time (for real, not the iPhone application) and have never been a phone person… my inner tribe knows this. I prefer connecting eye-to-eye and actually experiencing someone’s vibe. It may sound old school because we live in a phone, Skype and texting society. So, call me old school.

Back in the day, I felt bad about it, beat myself up for it and tried to conform. See, I have ADD. I know everyone flings that term around today, but I was finally diagnosed at the age of 37 after years of not understanding how to manage it, self-medicating, battling depression and perfection paralysis due to it. If this is you, read on:

*I’m an artistic, creative type.

*Can’t talk in the car because I would always get lost and miss my exit.

*I prefer 1×1 interaction with deep conversation rather than in groups with lots of small talk.

*My phone stays on silent most of the day when I’m working with clients, filming/writing SOS because one text can distract me and send me down the rabbit hole then I’ve lost an hour of my day I can’t get back.

*Overstimulation and groups can make me shut down or I would find I needed to drink more to cope in social settings.

*I love people and love putting on workshops, but I know I will need a quiet day afterward to recoup.


I could go on and on!

I share this because I’m sure MANY of you are just like me.

Stop the madness!


*I make lots of lists and give myself grace if I don’t mark everything off.

*Keep margin on your plate instead of saying yes to every single opportunity and event.

*The power of a gracious no.

MOST IMPORTANT: Pray for discernment and the leading of the Holy Spirit for the best yes’s. There is a powerful book on the topic by Lisa TerKeurst called The Best Yes.



Saying YES to God’s best means saying no to the things that distract us from what’s best for us. Make sense? People may get upset with you because it may not fit into their agenda, but that’s their prob, not yours.

As always, I’m reminding you to… DO YOU BOO!



HAPPY NEW YEAR: 17 Empowering Quotes for 2017

Hey Fellow Dream Chasers!

Have you started working on your goals and vision board yet? Over the past few weeks, I’ve set aside time to work on mine. It’s such a fun process! I have always loved empowering and inspiring quotes and love adding special ones to my vision board that are in alignment with my goals. Several jumped out at me that I wanted to share with you:

























































Which quote hit home with you the most?

Make sure to share this inspiration with your girlfriends.

I highly recommend making an “empowerment pow wow” with a trusted friend who is a fellow dream chaser in the 1st few weeks of the new year. What you do in the beginning of the year sets the tone for the rest of your year. Share your highlights of 2016 and your dreams/goals/vision for 2017. Make sure not to share big dreams with small minded people who try to keep you in their small box! Choose a friend who is able to see gifts in you that you may not see for yourself, who is an encourager…not a discourager and who will be a lifter of your dreams throughout the year.

Another exercise I’m starting this new year is to imagine yourself on new year’s eve 2017. How does it feel? We are actually chasing after the feeling of joy, satisfaction, achievement and success. This will help ignite exactly what goals to set today.

“Go girl! The world is waiting for your special brand of awesomeness. Go take charge of your calling!” ~Lysa Terkeurst The Best Yes


HAPPY 2017!


5 THINGS TO LET GO OF IN 2015: The 1st Motivational Vlog of the Year

Hey Chicas!

Grab a cup of coffee, tea or a kale smoothie (wink) and your iPad and have some girl time with me. This is the very 1st motivational vlog of the 2015 and this time I’m giving you a list of 5 things to stop doing instead of adding more things to your to-do list this year. As we all plan to go bigger and elevate every aspect of our life we have to get rid of and grow out of behaviors that hold us back from being our ultimate best!

The heartfelt comments women are leaving on this video have inspired me and deepened my passion for the purpose of SOS. Women around the world are being braver than ever right now and stepping into their destiny.

Are YOU joining us? 

I hope so.

Love, Tiff