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Happy Sunday Sistas!

I trust you all had a wonderful weekend and are taking some quality “ME” time to prepare for a fab week ahead.  I had such a fantastic week filled with several beautiful experiences and witnessing women lifting one another up and fanning each other’s flames. You know that is what SOS is all about! This morning, I was thinking back on the week and realized the common thread weaving through each event I attended and the clients I worked with– was women were COOPERATING instead of competing! It’s remarkable when strong, confident women operate from a state of cooperation  and collaboration instead of competition. As I get older and work with more and more women, I realize those who feel the need to compete are just insecure and unsure of their gifts and talents. I know I say it often, but it’s the truth– women are truly powerful beings all on their own, but when they unite….it changes the world! All of the women I collaborated with last week work in the same industry as I do. Many women would shy away from helping someone in their industry because they would view it as competition.  When we realize that what we have to offer the world, complete with our unique abilities, personality and talents– then competition is nonexistent. I give mad props to personal stylist- Rayne Hagstrom, life coach- Kim Somers Egelsee and TV Host- Patricia Kara for operating from a higher level and helping other women to come up higher as well. You ladies inspire me!

The definition of compete: Strive to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over others who are trying to do the same. Synonyms: contest, race, rivalry.  NO THANK YOU!

The definition of cooperate: Act jointly; work toward the same end. Assist someone or comply with their requests.  Synonyms: Collaborate, pull together. YES!!

Tiff_trish_AliveT{Fellow TV Host, Blogger + Webseries Creator, Patricia Kara}
There is an uncomfortable feeling and tension when you are in the presence of a woman who operates from a place of competition.  Sometimes you aren’t quite sure why you feel uneasy, but you just have this urgency to get the heck away from her fast!  Then on the flip side, when you are in the presence of a nurturing powerful woman who operates from a place of cooperation… you feel plain ol’ good in her presence and your spirit is lifted.  The other beautiful thing about encouraging others and helping their dreams come to pass is that God sees your heart and He will ensure your dreams will come to pass.  HOLLA!
As we go into the new week, may we all be conscious of this principle and whoa baby— watch your flame grow brighter and your dreams come true!


  1. Seek out people to encourage.
  2. Operate from a place of cooperation.
  3. Appreciate my unique gifts + talents.
  4. Realize there is no competition when I am being authentic.
  5. Compliment a stranger.
  6. Walk in love no matter what.
  7. Be a world changer by starting in my own backyard.
  8. Not dummy down and dim my light.
  9. Walk my talk.
  10. Stay in peace because it’s a place of power.
  11. Help others dreams to come true!

As always, I love hearing your thoughts.

Share, comment, etc!

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Fly High,




HOLDING HANDS {Women Supporting Women}

Christine_Handay_Headscarf copy{Heidi + Christine- Shortly after Christine finished her final round of chemo}

I posted this photo on Facebook and it made such an impact on the community that I wanted to share it with you all on the blog as well.  Since the very beginning of SOS, I have received SEVERAL private messages and emails from women all over the world asking for prayer because they either just found a lump in their breast and were getting the first biopsy or from women who were deep into chemo and starting to lose their hair.  I know we are all profoundly effected by this disease either directly or indirectly.  When my bestie Heidi sent me this photo of her and our friend Christine- I just stared at it for a few minutes and then teared up.  Christine has spent the past year going through triple the amount of chemo rounds.  As you can imagine this photo spoke to me.  There is so much love, grace, strength and courage all over this photo.  The radiant smile on Christine’s face says it all.  She looks so happy, vibrant and beautiful! 

Chemo takes such a toll on the body, mind, spirit and confidence level.  Thank God– hair always grows back, but if you have ever cut your hair too short (my hand raised), you know what a grueling process it can be.  With a  few fake lashes, a great wig, hat or headscarf, women recovering after chemo should be able to get out there and enjoy life again instead of suffering behind closed doors because of the toll chemo has taken on her appearance. 

Heidi, being the creative fashionista that she is, showed Christine my webisode on Hats and Headscarves then helped her create this fabulous headband with hair extensions attached which can be worn under hats, caps and scarves.  How hot does she look?!  ROCK ON SISTA!

Do you know someone in the midst of a battle of some kind?  Financial hardship?  Chemo?  Divorce?  Infertility?  Abuse?  Help a sista out!  Reach out.  Hold a hand.  Lend an ear.  When women support each other, it not only changes us and those closest to us…. it changes the world!  When we pour love, support and positivity into others and hold a woman’s hand when she needs it….it can literally save her life.  I am SO grateful for my nearest and dearest girlfriends for always being there for me during hard times.  I don’t even want to think where I would be without them!  I’m imagining myself having not bathed for days, curled up in a ball, hugging a pillow in a corner and sucking my thumb or something.  Ahhhhhh– SCARY!

Here’s a repost of the webisode! I encourage you to share it with any girlfriends who are needing creative ways to stay fashionable and confident while they are going through chemo.


I want to thank all of you for being part of this community of empowered, spiritually conscious + encouraging women.  Women supporting women is a POWERFUL thing! 

LESS catty competitive crap…MORE love, admiration, honoring, support, respect + hand holding!  That’s what SOS is all about.

Love, Tiff

LOVE YA LIKE A SIS: Women Need Women

Hey Sisters,

As women, we thrive and function at our best when we have a supportive sisterhood of like-minded friends.  This all began for me when I was very little.  Whether it was playing with my cousins (who were all girls except for one) or my sports teams or cheerleading squads, I was always blessed to have a great group of girlfriends.  Back then, we loved throwing slumber parties and giggling about boys and dancing around my parents living room.  Not much has really changed.  If you catch a group of my girlfriends at my BFF’s house in Dallas….before the end of the night– the furniture is moved and the living room is turned into a dance floor!   When women connect, it does something differently to our spirit than connecting with our boyfriends/husbands or children does for us.  If we go too long without “girltime” or hashing out life over a cup of coffee with a dear friend, our spirit suffers a bit.  Don’t you notice how your spirit is lifted after a good dose of fun with a great group of girlfriends?  You have a pep in your step and that warm & fuzzy feeling resonates with your for a few days after.   Encouraging and supportive female energy is a mighty force that we all need in our lives. 

When I began healing and growing in my late 20’s, I went through a dark and lonely time.  I began to “outgrow” friends and was too emotionally raw to get out there and make new ones.  Of course, I am so grateful for this period in my life because that’s when I got to know God.  He truly is the greatest Positive Force, Friend and Father.  I also starting watching “The Oprah Winfrey Show” much more and noticed it gave me that “lift” I was missing.  I felt connected and that hour episode on TV had become my “girltime”.   I kept this in mind as I began to create my talk show ideas and figuring out how I could use the power of video to help women.  I knew if I felt lonely then there had to be so many women around the world who felt disconnected like I did.  One of the best comments I receive about my webseries, this blog, and the Facebook community is how it gives you Mom’s a sense of girltime once the kids are in bed and you have some time alone on the computer.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Over time, I was blessed to connect with new, like-minded, spiritually conscious girlfriends and have created deeper friendships than I’ve ever had before. Whether it is online with social media or offline in real life, I encourage you to connect and reach out if you are in that lonely space.  Ask about groups in your community or church.  If you can’t find one, start one of your own.  My girlfriends and I here in LA did just that and it has made a huge difference in all of our lives.  LA can be a very disconnected place because there is not the same sense of community as in more family-friendly cities.  We have done a great job of creating our own surrogate LA family/sisterhood.  We can get a brief shot of connection and friendship on Facebook, but nothing can take the place of feeling a friends hug, sharing a laugh (or cry) and making eye contact.  A sisterhood gives you a sense of belonging and a knowing in your spirit that “I am not alone”.  I swear, it has to help with your immune system and overall health & wellness too!


I’m filled with gratitude today for all the amazing women in my life including this SOS Sisterhood.

Love Ya Like A Sis,


Be Healthy. Be Beautiful. Be Sane.


Hi Beautiful Girl,

Happy Friday! What do you have planned for the weekend?  I know I sound like a broken record, but I hope you find some time to decompress, recharge and calm your Spirit.  I won’t keep you from getting on with it so here’s just a few tips to help you feel healthier, more beautiful and hold on to your sanity!  I believe our inner beauty, health and wellness is much more important than the latest style and makeup tips.  If we don’t feel good on the inside, ultimately- we will not look good on the outside. 

The popularity of Green Tea has increased tremendously over the last 10 years. Have you incorporated it into your lifestyle yet? I encourage you to do so. There is a long list of health benefits including:

  • Increases metabolism (woohoo),
  • Lowers blood pressure,
  • Regulates glucose + insulin levels so it helps prevent diabetes,
  • Anti-viral,
  • Lowers cholesterol,
  • Reduces risks of cancer + alzheimers,
  • +PLUS+ the antioxidants help preserve the elasticity in the skin meaning LESS WRINKLES!

LATEST Q + A WEBISODE: No you aren’t crazy!

An important supplement I forgot to mention in the webisode (Brain Fart) is a great Vitamin B-Complex. I love it in sublingual form!  Helps with anxiety, depression, all symptons of PMS, fatigue, heart disease and more. 

FINAL TIP:  Enjoy nature. Take a walk. Stop + smell….


Giving you the tools…
to be free,
secure with yourself,
to embrace your quirks,
to own your unique beauty & style,
to walk tall in your fabulous-ness,
to be unapologetic,
to live life without restraints,
to realize your self-worth,
to truly take care of yourself, nurture your spirit and
to watch every single one of your dreams come to pass!

Love You Sister,


Send me a TWEET and let me know how your weekend is going!


The Feminine Edge- FREE teleseminar!

Hello Gorgeous!

I must share this amazing FREE teleseries with you all or it would be against my conscience!  My girlfriend Ali Brown is an ambassador for women entrepreneurs and consistently and generously shares any info, tools and opportunities which could help women in life and in business.  I was thrilled to find out about this FREE teleseries she’s hosting and I personally know several women on the panel. Take a look:

She’s bringing us all together…

Did you know there’s a huge SHIFT happening right now for
women around the world?

What’s happening is, INSTEAD of our feminine nature… the essence
of who we are… being seen as a hindrance, an obstacle, or even a
handicap–our feminine energy is now giving us a huge EDGE… in
our businesses and our lives.

My dear friend, entrepreneur mentor *Ali Brown* is especially fired up about
this, and in celebration of this moment in time for women, she’s
hosting a FREE teleseries along with 12 luminary women leaders on
June 26-28.

It’s called “The Feminine Edge”.

There will be THOUSANDS of women participating by phone, and you
can reserve your spot NOW HERE!

On this free teleseries, you’ll get expert advice on:

* identifying and living your life purpose

* stepping into leadership in your life and career

* short-term and long-term wealth building strategies

* wellness, vitality, and increasing your natural energy

* living your best life…one that’s aligned with YOUR personal
values and dreams

* and much more!

I wanted to make sure you knew about this, because it’s Phenomenal with a capital P.  Ali’s keynote speakers are all 7- and 8-figure women
too, (I know several of them personally) so you know you are getting proven advice to really step into success.  I was fortunate to hear Jane Wurwand, creator of Dermalogica, speak at Ali’s event in Dallas last year and she inspired me SO much!

Well I’ll let Ali explain it on her own VIDEO.

Looking forward to seeing you there! I’m pretty excited about
this, and you should be too.

P.S. Curious who all these luminary speakers are? See on this

Why did I create SOS? (Plus a few updates)


If you have been watching my webisodes and reading my blog for a while now, you probably have a good idea what I’m all about, right!?  There’s still a few things I haven’t shared publicly YET and over time I will be more open and transparent.  There’s a time and place for everything!   I’m actually going to write a book!

In Part 2 of my hike up Runyon Canyon, I take a moment to say a few positive affirmations and give thanks for all of you and this mission through Sanctuary Of Style.




I recently experienced first hand the truth of Oprah’s saying, “Success come when Preparation meets Opportunity”.    I was booked as the host, image coach, mentor and counsler to young women needing a serious life change!    This role was custom-made for me.   So grateful for the experience!   Unfortunately, I can’t give too many details, but let’s just say- this is a show we’ll all love to watch.

(Here’s a pic of me giving the ladies a few etiquette and dating tips)









You have heard me rave about Entrepreneur Mentor for Women, Ali Brown.  I have been diving into her telecourses and learning so much- not only about business, but personal growth!   Even coaches need to be coached!   She’s a fellow Lioness and on the day I wrapped my show, she invited me to her personal birthday party with a handful of powerful entrepreneur ladies.  It was the perfect way to wrap a perfect experience!   If you are interested in taking your business to the next level, I highly recommend checking out her teaching products at   I am planning to attend her exciting 3 day conference called SHINE in Dallas on Nov 2-4th.  I hear it’s life-changing!   I know many of you are in Dallas so check into it at this link: SHINE 2011 INFO.   Could be fun to catch up there!





I want to give a special SHOUT OUT to the extraordinary ladies who were so generous with their participation on the July Swag Bag Giveaway, Carla Masley and Shelley Goodstein. You gals rock!

Last thing, if you are planning to clean out your closets this summer to make room for fall- please consider donating your gently used items to DIVA’S CLOSET! 


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